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jno | 22:48 Thu 26th May 2005 | Body & Soul
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I've been using an American nasal spray called Nasalcrom - but is it available in the UK? Anyone know of shops that sell it? Or online pharmacies that export/import it without charging more for the stamp than for the spray? It's non-prescription - pick it up it off the shelf in Walgreens and supermarkets in the USA - so no health risks. It's really good for hay fever, congestion etc, just one sniff a day.


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The UK equivalent is called Rinacrom (or is it Rhinacrom). There is only a small amount of evidence to its effectiveness, and it ocmpares unfavourably with other products available in the UK, hence it's low popularity. Can't remember whether a prescription is required (it is late) but I will check at work tomorrow and elaborate then.
It's lack of effectiveness here maybe because one unapproved (whether prescription or over-the-counter )ingredient had to be omitted.  U.S. drug approval is not always in accord with U.K. drug approval and vice versa.
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Googling on Rynacrom, if that's the one, it says it was discontinued last year in the UK, though I'd love to hear otherwise. Perhaps that's because it wasn't effective? I can say from experience that Nasalcrom is wonderful - I started getting 24/7 congestion a year ago and needed to use Sudafed spray for or five times a day. But as I said, Nasalcrom once a day is plenty. Maybe the UK version left out the bit that worked!
if you found out what the active ingredients in nasalcrom were, maybe you could buy something similar? Flaming, what was the missing ingredient?
Yes this can be bought in the UK. No you don't require a Doctor's prescription. I don't know if it has been discontinued, but the Pharmacy I visited today has two in stock, but I forgot to ask the price. No there is no difference between this and the American product, though the names are different, this is due to the naming methods used in the US and the EU being different. Although the evidence may be lacking, if you find it helps you, go for it! The Sudafed spray you describe as being unhelpful is not suitable for everyone and should only be used for a period of five days before a couple of day break is taken, to prevent a condition called rebound congestion, that leads to the blockage getting worse and worse.
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thanks people, I'll go shopping soonest
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well, I found a couple of chemists stocking Rynacrom, which cost... �30 a tube! Cheaper to fly to the USA and pick up some more there, I think. Thanks for the help anyway, everyone.

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