Omeprazole and pain killers

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Smowball | 12:54 Thu 14th Jun 2012 | Body & Soul
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What pain killers are you NOT meant to take if you are on Omeprazole? I have googled this before I bothered you lot but have got varying answers. TIA. And also what reason for not taking them?


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This largely depends on the underlying conditions you are taking the Omeprazole for and the type of pain needed to treat. Your own GP or surgery nurse would advise or call your nearest pharmacist.
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I take it for acid reflux, and pain killers are for back pain.
I know of no analgesics that cannot be taken with Omeprazole.

I stand to be corrected.
My doc told me not to take ibuprofen, can't remember why, something to do with why I had acid reflux in the first place, was ages ago though.
i am with sqad, i don't think any painkillers are contraindicated with omeprazole per se
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As mamya says it's more the underlying condition I think, if you may have a sensitive stomach, previous ulcer etc... (which you may be taking omeprazole for) which could be irritated by some painkillers.

I was warned off ibuprofen and diclofenac but it's more a balancing measure. I've taken them in limited doses as they were most appropriate for pain I was having at the time and when I spoke to my GP it seemed a benefit I was on omeprazole to provide a bit of a buffer for my stomach.
You shouldn't take NSAIDs (eg ibuprofen) if you have acid reflux, stomach ulcer or any other condition PPIs (eg omeprazole) are prescribed for.

And anyone with recurrent reflux should see their GP. "Heartburn can kill!" is the slogan used by one American cancer charity. Here we just say, "It may be nothing, but..."

See the "Overcoming cancer" supplement in tomorrow's Guardian or visit
Ironic that chrisbob. My reflux seems to have vanished since chemo stripped my tubes from throat to you know where.
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Hmmm, well i went into a local chemist to speak to the pharmacist and told her situation. She gave me 8/500 co-codamol and also said that I shouldn't be taking ibuprofen,which I have been.
it may be a personal body issue,but, i find iboprufen a problem for my digestion.paracetomol works better for me

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Omeprazole and pain killers

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