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cymruambyth1 | 06:12 Fri 08th Jun 2012 | Body & Soul
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Hi everyone!!

Well I am now 26 and since I was about 18 I have steadily been putting weight on. On and off I've tried to lose weight but nothing seems to work.

A month ago we got a dog which now means having to go out at least twice a day to walk her. Each walk is at least 45 minutes.ive just had a week off and went on a number of long walks. The walking is obviously helping as I feel better when doing hills and long walks.

With regards to my eating habits, for the last 3 months I have been using a calorie counter and recording my weight each week. I have been making a conscious effort to eat healthier foods and I don't really eat takeaways maybe one KFC a month.

I was diagnosed with an overactive thyroid last year and are on tablets for that.

So...I am not losing any weight. I have stayed between 13 stone 7 - 13 stone 13 for the last 3 months. I thought doing a bit of exercise would at least help but it isn't.

Just getting fed up now. What am I doing wrong? I would like to lose a pound a week - I don't want a sudden weight loss.

Thanks for any help guys



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Losing weight

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