Eeekk My tooth just cracked in half.

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divegirl | 17:15 Sat 12th May 2012 | Body & Soul
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I had root canal done on one of my front teeth the other week [not the ones right at the to it] and it took extensive work to save the tooth. All of the 're-built' bit of the tooth has just cracked away and is hanging by a .....well I don't know how it's still there!
Heres the best bit....the emergency dentist shut at 2!
I'm in no pain but any suggestions.... do I pull it out and go chav till Monday?

Lisa x


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try your local dental hospital - there will probably be one... you can often just walk in

if its not hurting though and you will not cause bleeding or further damage id just wait until monday yo have it reset
Our local hospital has a dental emergency centre - if you ring your normal dentist's number, their answerphone message may give you details. If not - you can buy an emergency dental kit from a pharmacist to stick it back.

If not - I'd go chav, I wouldn't want to risk swallowing it...
are you sure there's not a real emergency dentist, rather than one who only does emergencies in working hours?

Well, like joko says, really - if it's not hurting it'll probably be okay till Monday. Try to keep it clean - rinse with Corsodyl or something.
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Believe me I have tried all of the numbers and aside from getting a train into London theres nothing!!!
I thought of cement kit thingy but its not like a crown[?] theres just a crack and lots of movement, I wouldn't know how to stick it.
But hey, I'm not in pain and though I won't be able to eat...I think I'll live.

Lisa x

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Eeekk My tooth just cracked in half.

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