Stopped smoking.

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carrust | 15:16 Wed 25th Apr 2012 | Body & Soul
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I stopped smoking on April fools day & have felt sh1te ever since. Is this normal?


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I think there is a period of adjustment where you may feel sh!te. Stick at it and hopefully it will soon pass. It is early days.
Yes its normal, but well done and keep going - it'll start to get easier now.
Yes, it's withdrawal, once you're body gets used to not having the nicotine, and you getting over habit of lighting one even if you don't want one, it will get better with time.

One day you won't even think about having one, and not realise until the day after.

Keep going, it's not easy. I stopped nearly 30 years ago, so glad I did, more
money, I don't smell of nicotine. xx
i second evrything chi-chi has jyst said.
also i will happily congratulate anybody who has the will power to quit .....well done
I stopped smoking on 21st March after over 60 years as a smoker.
I have managed to not smoke since with the help of the daily patches.
I still think I need a fag at certain times, but am determined to quit this time.
They say it will get better (the urge to smoke) and I think it does - I have now gone over a month without a single cigarette and I just keep thinking how much money I have saved....that is enough to convince me !
i stopped on 15th march. Havnt wanted one,have also been out drinking. Have been feeling great...until today, have come home from work with a stinking head cold.
Yes, you will feel lousy for a few weeks. But it does get better. I stopped on New Years Eve and felt really rough all through January. Coughing and spluttering non-stop and evil headaches. I feel fine now, though, so stick at it - it will get better.
There are often occasions when you can feel so lousy it's an excuse to light up but DON'T. it's just your body still craving the habit (you're no longer cra
sorry, that sent before I'd finished!! the body is no longer craving the nicotine unless you're on patches. Keep up the good work. You'll never regret giving up that's for sure.
I stopped 14 years ago when my first grandson was born. I hoped to be able to see him grow up. Just persevere and keeping saying to yourself why you want to give up. I don't even think of it and glad I stopped when I did.
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Thank you all for your support. I've smoked for over thirty years & I'm finding it hard going, so I'll keep sucking the nicotine tablets
after 30 years you are going to get some withdrawal symptoms as your body 'detoxes' (not sure there is such a word!!). Stick with it and find things to do when the craving hits. One day at a time was my motto when I gave up 15 plus years ago, never regretted it one bit. The smell of cigarettes, especially on clothing, make me feel want to wretch. Hang on in there, it's worth it.
You might not be doing yourself any favours by eating nicotine gum as your body's still getting a dose so still craving. Each time you fancy a smoke go and brush your teeth this occupies your hands and your mind and the fresh taste of the toothpaste takes away the urge to smoke.

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