has anyone tried cambridge diet?

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rozia | 21:19 Fri 06th Apr 2012 | Body & Soul
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is it any good? need to lose a stone at least before holidays in June.


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Dont go on fancy "diets", just start to eat properly and the weight will come off over time.

It is FAR better to CHANGE your diet to a "decent" one than go on some wierd diet that makes you eat unusual foods in unusual quantities.

The good thing about CHANGING your diet rather than going "ON a diet" is that it can last the rest of your life and stop you putting it back on again (which you will do as soon as you stop the "fancy" diet).

Note we are all ON diets, it is what we eat (what we eat is our diet).

It is just some of us are on BAD diets and some of us are on GOOD diets.

Just change to a good diet.
As well as what VHG says, if you lose a stone in under 2 months you will probably feel so off colour you will not enjoy your holiday. Just eat balanced meals, try to make from fresh avoiding processed foods, cut out sweets, cakes, biscuits and desserts and you will be surprised what a difference it makes.
.....and go for regular walks.
Please don't DO the Cambridge Diet - my late OH did .
I won't say more except as far as I know it has been banned in the USA for some time
Please - and as others have said - do it the sensible food way
Was talking to a friend to-day, not seen her for a while, and she is doing the
Slimming Word...lost a stone in 5 wks. That is a sensible 'diet', one that you can maintain when you have hit you're target. Good luck anyway with you're weight loss :-))
If that is what you want, to lose weight before June, then of course the Cambridge diet or any other diet will allow you to do this.

Problem is.........after your holidays.....then what?

The other posts all make valid points.
The "Cambridge diet" is TERRIBLE! My sister tried it and really had a bad time! The best way to lose weight and keep it off is to eat low-carb/high fat. That's how my sister finally lost weight (100lbs) without suffering and I've lost 50lbs too. We've both stuck with it because it works and you feel and are much healthier. It may feel hard at first because you're probably addicted to those carbs, but gets easier and easier and watching your excess pounds disappear is excellent incentive! Visit for all the science and advice you'll need. Good luck!
I did it years ago..lost 3 stone in a month...milk shakes and soups....but slimfast more or less the same ...and a lot cheaper..
I'd avoid diets like that like the plague. I know a few people who have tried that and similar and all are now fatter than they were before. And their time during it was miserable.

My sister joined slimming world and has lost 3 stones in approx 11/12 weeks (no doubt that will slow down soon) and she can actually eat proper food whenever she wants.
The only diet that really works, and I have tried a few, is to eat less calories. I have had a look at TopKat's link and it didn't impress me at all. If I tried eating more fat it would kill me. He recommends everything I cannot possibly eat. Some of the suggestions are good - less sugar for instance, but I already keep that to the minimum. So back to the less calories, and I really believe, low fat, not low carborhydrate.
Sorry to argue Starbuckone, but if counting calories worked (without reducing carbs) then everyone would be slim instead of fatter and fatter! Everyone I know who has tried to lose weight this way has inevitably failed The fact is "calorie restriction" diets only work when they do because carbs are also restricted and as soon as you stop "dieting", the weight piles back on. This advice has been given as "the only way to lose weight" for about forty years and what's happened? 30 - 40% of us are obese! The fact is, most overweight people (99%) have a problem with blood sugar/insulin and therefore get fat on our high carb diets. The only way therefore for them to lose weight (and keep it off) is to cut the carbs. And if you cut carbs and don't eat enough fat, you will be ill! This is not new science, but it has been sidelined for years - which is why we are so fat! Read the science, not the misinformation that has made so many people overweight. It's not fat that makes you fat (or ill) but carbs!

,/// but if counting calories worked (without reducing carbs) then everyone would be slim instead of fatter and fatter!//

Yes, I agree, but even with the high fat, high protein, low carb diets that have been around for 15 years or so, we are still getting fatter and fatter as a that is not the whole story.

\\\The fact is, most overweight people (99%) have a problem with blood sugar/insulin\\

So you are saying that ALL (99%) of all obese people have diabetes............where did you get that from?

The high fat/high protein/Atkins diets are very contentious and are not recommended for long term weight loss.

Diets do not work in the long term.
Sqad - how can you say that low-carb/high fat diets don't work because "they've been around for 15 years and we are still getting fatter"? When have you ever heard a public health body advise people to follow lc/hf? Never. We continue to get fatter as a nation (as a developed world, in fact) because the messages we're receiving from the government, the NHS, all the official sources are still perpetuating the "low fat, low calorie" myth. How can you expect people to be slimmer when the low carb/high fat message has been demonised by almost every public information source and we're still being told to "eat less, exercise more"? I seem to think you're a retired GP so you might be interested to know that a friend of mine, also a GP, was persuaded by me (and by her experience with patients) to review the actual science behind this dietary advice. Having done that she now advises it to her obese patients. In the USA, where my sister lives, the diabetician who saw her regarding her type 2 diabetes care, was the one who initially recommended this diet to her. He explained its beneficial, scientific basis and the growing proof that it is the "fat/calorie" myth which has caused our current epidemic of obesity. Check out the science - there are lots of websites, but is a very good place to start.
Written by a Dr with an interest in nutrition -

And this by a researcher into nutrition -


And another -


It's not about 'dieting''s about changing how we eat.
Thanks for the supporting articles, Pastafreak! Another very good site, again written by a doctor who became interested in the topic from a personal and professional viewpoint is
TopKat...I a not a retired GP, but medicine is all about opinions which vary from year to year.

I will respond later as i am going out.

However,,the "Diet Doctor" is not a medical publication and gives no references to back up it's claim..........also there seem to be a list of anecdotes.
Sorry to disagree again Sqad (hope you read this when you get back) but "thedietdoctor" is run by a doctor - Andreas Eenfeldt, MD - a very respected Swedish doctor who advocates the lc/hf diet because he's convinced by the science and his own experience. Yes, there are lots of personal anecdotes, but there is also lots of science. If you click on the "science" page, you will be directed to 14 different studies which support his approach. Very interesting reading and perhaps more convincing than I can be! Hope you do take the time to understand where I'm coming from.
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Hi Scorpio - glad to hear you've found low carb/high protein helpful to lose/keep off weight. Just remember not to be afraid of fat - the idea that dietary fat causes heart disease/high cholesterol and is dangerous has been thoroughly debunked. Fat will not make you fat or ill and if you keep healthy fats like butter, olive oil etc in your diet, you will enjoy it more and be able to stick to it. For the science, you might like to watch Dr David Diamond or Dr Mary Vernon or many other doctors who've done talks on the topic which are available on youtube.
you dont need the Cambridge diet to lose a stone by June
In the first week of any diet weight loss can be up to 8lbs in my experience, aim for 2lbs a week and voila, you will have done it by not starving yourself

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