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smilingcrow | 22:37 Tue 27th Mar 2012 | Body & Soul
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I keep hearing these stupid adverts. The thing is two years ago I had blood in my pooh and at first sight I went to the doctors and it turned out that I over used decongestant treatment. Why would anyone not go to the doctors it's not like You have contracted HIV behind your wife's back through a gay relationship. Why are these adverts on !!!!!


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I dont think people dont go because they are embarrased, some people dont know there is anything wrong with having blood in your poo, and the adverts are making people aware.
To try to save people's lives perhaps?
The adverts are not stupid .They are there to make make people aware .
Bowel cancer is one of the most curable of cancers if caught in time .
Some people are embarrased to go their doctor about these things .
I suppose it's trying to get people over the embarrassment factor. I know if I had a problem, I'd be straight to the docs!
my dad almost died because he was too embarrassed to see a doc...he now has a colostomy bag

also some blood in poo can look dark brown - if its 'old' blood, and so people dont notice it - they notice it if its bright red but thats usually ok, its likely just a cut or a pile, but dark red or brown and its coming from somehwere else.

why are you so affronted by an advert that its trying to save lives?

the fact is some people are young, or stupid, or ignorant or embarrassed - even short sighted- the world is full of them - you speak as though everyone always does the right thing - they dont - some need a kick up the arse, and some just need a push in the right direction
The adverts are not stupid, uncomfortable viewing maybe, but then we have ads for stopping smoking, heart problems and general cancers, so why not bowel cancer. It is a silent killer, as is ovarian cancer. Many people are embarrassed about the subject and maybe not thought that finding blood would mean cancer. Two of my siblings have/are recovering from bowel cancer. I have done the test because of them. My neighbour had to have radiotherapy and also had a hysterectomy because the cancer had spread to her other organs in a short time. Giving publicity is perhaps the only way to get through to people, I read somewhere that it is the second biggest killer
You ask "Why would anyone not go to he doctor". There are a hundred and one reasons why and the ads are designed to encourage people to overcome those barriers.

The most common reason for not going to the doctors is denial, followed by embarrasement, followed by fear, followed by lack of time, lack of awareness and lack of observation. ie without the ads, many people won't even look at their poo.

Give us a break smilllingcrow, in the main its the majority who are stupid not the ads.
My mother died two years ago of bowel cancer - she was 61 and had been diagnosed about five weeks earlier. Think before you post.
My husband died from secondary tumours on the brain following a very late diagnosis of bowel cancer despite his early attendance to GP. Anything that makes people more aware can only be to the good.
I don't know about you lot down south but up here where the air is clean and we're breaking March temperature records we have a screening programme for over 50s which involves a self test kit to be posted off and checked.
I did mine a few weeks ago and had a letter within days with the good news that there was nothing sinister going on.
It's all about awareness.
Exactly Douglas.
Had the same down here Douglas. Simple, mind at rest and awareness information.
Men won't even go for essential prostate exams, especially if the doc is a woman. I would think a woman would be preferable, smaller fingers! Imagine them having to put up with smears?
Like Douglas, I took the self-analysis programme, but I then got a reply recommending a colonscopy. I followed this up and got the all-clear on bowel cancer - blood identified as due to diverticular disease, a common and usually harmless feature in Western Diet communities apparently.

Note: I had not seen any blood in my stools, the specimens which I sent off identified this. GP not involved at all.
I've not heard of the screening programme. Who organises it, your GP or the hospital?
I'm not sure Jan - I get a kit every two years from the NHS since I turned 65. First two OK, third as above.
... and the colonscopy was at the local hospital.
I put of going till it was almost to late and still face an uncertain future i have just had my 13th cycle of chemo but sometimes feel i am fighting a losing battle
Perhaps I'll mention it to my GP next time I see her as I've got to reschedule a mammogram as well.

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