Free eye test...........................over 60...................................

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lilacben | 20:10 Tue 27th Mar 2012 | Body & Soul
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Can you have your eyes tested within 12 months of the last one.?


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I'm not sure but Optical Express were doing a free eyetest voucher if you want to get them done sooner and you can't get a free over 60 one if you're allowed to use it like that.

I used one the other week to get my prescription rechecked before changing my glasses after my free work voucher eyetest showed my prescription has improved a lot - wanted to make sure before shelling out and have another check on my eyes being dry.
I am inclined to think YES.

Perhaps the following is of some help. :-

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Thankyou jenna I will see if I can find a coucher from somewhere. I had my eyes tested in october in Asda and I hav enever been able to see properly in them. They said it was because I had dry eye and a cataract coming in one eye. But I am not happy and would like a second opinion.
From this link it appears that certain people may get another free eye test:
I reckon that if you went to another optician, and your being over 60,you would be given a further free eye test.

I think each optician has to notify the NHS for every free eye test.

It will be best for you to talk to another optician, lilacben, to see if you can qualify. Hope you do.
Eye test's are normally every two years.However if you have have a defect such as
Macular Degeneration it is a yearly test.
I am the opinion that even if NHS will not pay for an eye test, there are firms such as 'Specsavers' who will give one for nothing; as a step towards a customer.

Having had an eye test, one doesn't have to purchase from the optician involved, but can request a prescription which can be dispensed elsewhere. There are small outlets in my area that are not opticians but can dispense a prescription and give one a considerable saving on a set of spectacles.

I know from experience....Ron.
If you have noticed a change in your sight for example narrowing of the field of vision, a sudden increase in 'floaters ... it would be foolish to wait for your next test to be due... if there was a reason it should be justifiable
google free eye tests, plenty of opticians offer them
Apparently the NHS will only pay for an eye test every 2 years, unless your prescription changes - in which case it's free. You can probably get round this if you have a free voucher. You can't get round it by going to a different optician - as each optician has to inform the NHS for every free test.
The NHS recommend routine eye examinations every two years for people over 60. If you are experiencing new symptoms or have concerns about your vision you can have one earlier with the optometrist filling a code for early sight test on the GOS1 form you sign for your NHS test.
If you are unhappy with your last optometrist why not ask friends for recommendations of their optometrist.

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Free eye test...........................over 60...................................

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