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Sir Alec | 23:23 Wed 21st Mar 2012 | Body & Soul
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I was diagnosed a year ago with shingles, but I think it was this as I now have a recurance with exactly the same pain. The pain is unbearable at times, especially when I sneeze. Even inhaling deeply is very painful.
I wondered if anybody else has come across this, as no painkiller i've been prescribed, have worked. Wiki mention the fact that sufferers think they are having a heart attack. I initially went to the doc with possible reflux and/or the family angina. I was sent to hospital as I was in so much pain. I was there for 3 and a half hours, they were excellent and gave me every test under the sun.
I am clutching at straws, as there seems to be no reason for having it and no cure, but rest. I can't be resting all the time as I'm a full time carer for my Dad.
If you know anything about this, I would be grateful for any input.


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No input Sir except a big massive cuddle and a hiya babes xxxx

>---:0)---< xx
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Thank you tinks! Not too hard a cuddle, I hope, it would hurt!
No no just a wee light one xx ;0>
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In that case, I graciously accept, tinks! I need a hug!
A fairy kiss. (Eyelashes brushing cheek)
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Oh, dear, DaisyNonna, eyelashes brushing my skin is too erotic! We fair skinned people are very sensitive! My mother had viking blood, (so pale and interesting), which prevails all over Sheffield to this day.
Just a shot in the dark Sir A but I cracked my ribs and the pain and tenderness persisted. We have a "wheat bag" which goes in the microwave for a minute and
gets applied to he painful area. I guess a hot water bottle would do the same job. It helped but you need to be resting when it is on.
Hi SirA _ you may want to ask your doctor if it may be Tietze's Syndrome, my daughters suffers flare ups now and then, wishing you well soon, nasty pain I believe.
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Thank you seadogg, I bought my Mum wheat filled bootees, micowavable, many years ago. I will have a go with them! Otherwise, I've only just bought Dad two new hot water bottles from Betterware. I'll try both.
Sorry Sir Alec, just trying to help. How about an imaginary air kiss? No contact, just a breathed mwa?
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A breathed kiss is enough, DaisyNonna, I am not gay as many people on here think I am! A female with a male name? Whatever next?

Thank you, Mamya, I will look it up, but Barnsley Hospital were quite convinced in their prognosis.
Consider yourself breathed on!
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Thanks Mamya, the initial prognosis is identical, but many of the symptoms are not true. Your research is appreciated.

It's nice to know that people care, thank you all so much!
I've had it a few times, horribly painful and it does feel scary due to where it is, especially when it first came on - have to say I panicked a bit at first! I figured it'd linked to my getting inflamed generally with arthritis.

Touch wood it's not come on for a while but I just had to make do with strong painkillers and antiinflammatories.

Check anything you are taking though if you have reflux or a sensitive stomach in case anything would irritate it.

Hope it eases for you soon or you find a way to manage it - it's not nice.
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It's been 12 years since I had a relationship, DaisyNonna, and I don't do one night stands, what does that say?

I find that DIY is often better than any man, anyway!
Says you are sensible.
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Thank you Jenna1978, I was put on diclofenac for a bit, and am now on Naproxen, both have been useless!
so sorry to hear of your nasty problem Sir A. you certainly do not deserve that as i have said before you are a special person. another air kiss and air hug on it's way. hope you get some respite soon. x
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Thank you lady-janine, you too are always very kind.
Do they help it at all or make no difference. What doses are you prescribed/taking?

With a lot of my inflammation it can be more pain management as much as possible without taking anything too strong to stop me doing what I'm doing - bit of a balance really and I'm not big on taking lots of tablets if I can avoid it. I'm don't get pain free, it's more trying to get as much relief as I can while still being able to function for work etc... - more of an issue if longer term. Roll on the day they discover some kind of magic pill eh :)

I've found co-dydramol good for helping get comfortable for a good night's sleep when in pain.

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