Jaw pain

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Polly1958 | 11:28 Mon 19th Mar 2012 | Body & Soul
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I had a tooth out last Monday,the cavity feels fine,but the area above where the she injected me in the gum is still painful.My cheek bone is tender and it feels like i'm on the verge of ear ache and also some discomfort in my temple.My dentist is only a very slight little lass and she seemed to take ages getting it out.Should I go back or is it still early days?


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I wouldn't go back at this stage......I would take Ibuprofen 600mgns as and when necessary up to every 6 hours.

I presume that you feel well and don't have a temperature in which case it may be a periosteal haematoma (blood under the jaw bone) which will resolve given time.

Monitor the situation for any 3 days or so.
The same thing happened to me, they really pull you about sometimes don't they? As long as i looks to be healing well I'd give it a few more days and take painkillers.
If you're still worried go back and have a word with the dentist.
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Thanks sqad,I was just worried about the competence of my dentist to be honest,as I had a root canal treatment done on the tooth 2 years ago and it has never felt right,always niggling in the back ground.When I went for my last check up and mentioned this the dentist said sometimes a little bit of nerve can get left behind and I could have the root canal done again or have it out.I chose to have it out rather than go through another root canal
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Hi Robina,thanks I will try the ibprofen.

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Jaw pain

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