What would you do in this situation?

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Cockney_si | 15:39 Wed 11th May 2005 | Body & Soul
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There's a advert on TV to do with broadband that ends with a barefooted man dropping drawing pins all over the floor a split second before the lightbulb goes out, leaving him in near-darkness.

What would you do in this situation???

These are the items you have with you:-

1x Tracksuit top and bottoms
1x paper note in mouth (that he was trying to put onto the notice board with a drawing pin)
1x Drawing pin box (empty)

The advert can be viewed at the following website: e=coolad&startrow=1


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curse loudly.

take a big step over the drawing pins. find a torch.

I couldn't view the ad' on my PC my works network has blocked it.  I saw the ad' a while ago and from what i can remember he was standing near a kitchen workbench??   If i am right then what i would do is climb onto the workbench and crawl along for about 2 metres then jump down.  I would then sort out the mess in the morning so i could see where the drawing pins where.

OK I think I'd try and pick up or at least slide as many of the pins to the side as possible then I'd feel around my feet and make sure there where no pins. Then I'd take of the track suit bottoms and stand on them and shuffle, ie without lifting my feet to the kitchen door and hopefully put the light on in the hall. Not easy!

call out for help!

grab that book on levitation thats perched on the shelf next to delia

Simple all you do is crouch down & use your hand to sweep the pins to the side & you keep doing this untill you get out the kitchen.They go & put some shoes on & change the bulb if you have a spare bulb kicking about or get a torch.Not that difficult if you think about it.
i would swivel round without moving my feet so i'm facing the door. Then, slowly bend down so i'm crouching. with the piece of paper in my hand i would try to move away as many pins as i can reach. then get on my hands and knees and crawl towards the door, before each crawl using the paper in the same way to scater the the pins either to the side of me or behind.
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.......such a conundrum to be in though really...or maybe not as you ingenious bunch of people you have proved to be. Not a bad idea Mowbray but the kitchen has fitted cupboards above the worktops so there would not be enough room to crawl along the worktop.

Spread the track suit top on the floor, the bottoms spread out next as if a person was wearing them, in the direction of the door (assuming you remembered where it was) so it wouldn't be too slow if the door was far off (track suit being 4/5ft. long). Gingerly walk over the tracksuit top, then the bottom, lifting carefully the half behind and placing it in front, keep repeating until the doorway is reached.  OR wrap a tracksuit top thickly round one foot, and the bottom round the other, and run out with as few strides as poss.  to another light switch. I won't view the ad. now, but will later.

Just ask one of the camera or sound crew to sweep up the drawing pins. We ARE filming an advert after all.

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