Black ear wax!?

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powell11 | 19:08 Wed 07th Mar 2012 | Body & Soul
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I normally poke around my ears for a but with cotton buds...i know your nit supposed to but i feel really clear and have a nice sense of relief after. But today a huuugee lump of really dark earwax (almost black) fell out today, im quite concerned about it tbh...what could this mean?

I do feel partiallu deaf sometimes aswell.


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It is NOTHING to worry it is black.....probably due to some altered blood when you last had a "poke around."
The partially deaf feeling is probably due to the fact you're pushing the wax further in.
Black earwax is just as good as anyone else's and don't let anyone tell you different.
... not even AOG :-)
When I worked at the pit my ear wax was always black
Did you know that some people have moist puttyesqie earwax and others have dry flakey earwax and all your life if your ears are healthy you will only ever have the one kind?
Can I share with you how happy I am to have found this thread, as it has cured my appetite and will help me lose weight. Thank you.
Did you also know that if you have small ears you can have trouble getting rid of the ear wax naturally and it can cause problems with your hearing? (Girl had an audiology appointment today!)
Mosaic, we are here to help ;-)
My OH said last night ' my ears smell nice' !!!! - don't ask!!!
Hahaha Zeuhl! Get your placard out, "Equal rights for black ear wax!!"
If you got a huge lump then I suspect it is possibly building up, which might account for you occasionally feeling partially deaf. I don't know why ear wax is sometimes lighter and sometimes darker; but I don't think it is anything to be concerned about.
I had my ear syringed a few years ago because I went totally deaf in one ear and felt quite disorientated because of it. The nurse removed a huge lump of the most disgusting coloured wax from my ear, much to the amusement of my kids. They called me Shrek for weeks. Unfortunately, my hearing was fully restored.
This is a large build-up which has resisted your previous attempts to remove it - indeed you may have simply pushed it in deeper, which has allowed it to grow.

The blackness is simply caused by normal air polution - the longer wax is in place, the blacker it gets, so as advised, nothing to worry about.

If you are getting occasional partial deafness, you might want to ask your GP about syringing, which is painless, and will cure the build-up and the problem.
dont put anything bigger than your elbow in you ear! (ent surgeon.)

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Black ear wax!?

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