really sensitive to smells

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MrsLeeG | 13:34 Wed 07th Mar 2012 | Body & Soul
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Over the last few days i have become really sensitive to smells round about me. No idea where it has come from but simple things like someone sitting next to me with perfume on is making me boak, as is all cooking smells. I feel generally well and cant think of anything that wold cause this. Do you think i could have a wee sinus infection. Dont really want to bother the doctor, so ill just bother you Answerbank'ers instead!


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are you pregnant?
Question Author
*gulp* eh no, i dont think so
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ive honestly never heard of the link between smells and pregnancy! i doubt im pregnant....
Well it has nothing to do with a sinus infection.

"Last few days?"..........a bit early for any reasonable diagnosis.

Monitor the situation.
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thanks sqad. Im sure its nothing, but jno and horseshoes you two have got me thinking!
My first thought was also 'pregnant' !
Don't come round here MrsL, had a curry last night.....
Question Author
LOL shoota you'd be my idea of hell at the moment!
My first thought was pregnant too! Is there any chance you could be pregnant MrsL? x
My first thought was 'pregnant' as well...
I thought 'she's up the duff' too. Best get yourself a little stick to pee on.
My first thought too. She's pregnant!

All through my pregnancy smells that I had previously liked just made me feel sick. Fried bacon, hubby's aftershave, strawberries, even coffee.

Another vote for pregnant.
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jeeze people!! yes i suppose there is a chance, i doubt it, but there is a chance! I have PCOS so pregnancy is pretty far off radar normally, but you lot are making me all antzy! looks like im visiting the chemist on the way home.
Don't forget to let us know !
Not sure about pregnant, but i too thought hormones. Food smells never worried me through menopause but i stopped using many of my favourite perfumes because they smelt so vile. The condition settled as the menopause did.
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Chuckle 2short .....
Me to pregnant ( well not me personaly)

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really sensitive to smells

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