Is it bad that a song by the goo goo dolls named iris reminds me of my relationship with my, I don't want to say ex :'( What do I do

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funnyjake2011 | 05:40 Sun 04th Mar 2012 | Body & Soul
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I feel really sad when I listen to this song, like there is a half that is not coming :'( I hate the fact that I can't ever be with her or talk to her, I know "moving on" is the best option, but there are no other girls like her, non that are exactly like her, she possesses a charm of which other girls don't have, I tried dating others, but, she is the only one that possesses that charm, I wish I could be her everything, the way I feel about her, I don't know what to do, What do I do?


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well number one, stop listening to the damn song.
got to agree with woofgang here - no point beating yourself up listening to something that gives you grief [unless you like the grief and that's a whole other ball game]
Looking at your other thread with the letter to the girl, you mention school - I guess you are relatively young (and from the time of your posts, I guess you're not in the UK?)
Love hurts when you are young - but there is a whole huge world out there. Stop listening to this music. There is no point in longing for a girl who's moved on - you need to grit your teeth and accept that although it was a wonderful episode in your life, it's over and you must move on - she has. You may not like it but if you see her with another guy in future, you are going to have to say nothing, it's her choice. We've all had first loves that we think at the time won't be matched by anything else - but if the object of your desires doesn't want it..... You can't compare other dates with this one, not for the rest of your life. It WILL get better, but you must try to stop brooding, and involve yourself in hobbies and social gatherings, to build a life without this girl.
Great song- I'm guessig that boxy is right and that you're not from England and are still quite young. It's fine to fall madly in love at your age, in fact I'd say it's almost necessary, but things then are so much sharper and rawer and more intense, that they can sometimes give you a bit of a squewed perspective on your life as a whole. Just try to relax, not focus on moving on or obsess about this girl- cut yourself a bit of slack and relax. She might be the love of your life or you might suddenly get bowled over flat by a girl you've never previously seen before, but at this point you do need to give yourself a couple of years space ( couple of years is hnestly not a long time).

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Is it bad that a song by the goo goo dolls named iris reminds me of my relationship with my, I don't want to say ex :'( What do I do

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