Nervous feeling

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tinkerbell23 | 23:49 Fri 02nd Mar 2012 | Body & Soul
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No reason! Just a horrible nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach!!

Does anyone get that!? Its horrible! Feel like i have to take a big deep breath!




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I also get panic attacks for no reason tinks, its mainly about getting older and I don't feel as well as I once did, lots of aches and pains.
Yes, just before I open my bank statements
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I get panic attacks sometimes....dont know if this is a wee warning sometimes to chill a bit!!

But its just a little feeling i cant shake off and i have to do a big sigh! Weird xx
Quite often Tinks and it usually occurs when something goes wrong at work. This then triggers off my stomach ulcer.
I get that too, it's worse when you don't really have a reason to feel like that. I find a warm/dark spirit tipple helpful - rum, sloe gin, whisky probably (except I hate it).
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I just keep taking big breaths....horrible! Something usually goes wrong after it honest!!!!! :0/

Been a bit wound up but im not really thinking about it. Subconcious mabye. Lol x
Yes, absolutely.
Filled out the questionnaire
Met the therapist
Did the therapy
Act on the revelations
Moved on.

I thought I had some terminal illness, crushing nausea from nowhere, even when around friends a feeling of panic but I was asked the questions and answered them. Now I just "refer to page 4" if it rears it's ugly head again.
I realise it's not the same for everybody but there's a lot of common ground.
Be well :)
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Wish it would bloody go away!!!!! Im fine! I know it! Just tht feeling! Ill sleep soon though...hopefully :)
I get very anxious at times, sometimes for good reason, usually for no reason at all. I play solitaire on my phone or iPad, if I get on a 'winning streak' I then think everything is going to be ok (everything is always ok anyway, just depends on your point of view). x
Fight or flight response kicking in.
You just need a good burp.
The secret is to think about something other than yourself.
How old are you tinks? If you are at menopause age this is one of the symptoms you might get. I would get panic attacks just as you described them and feel as if I could not breathe until I had managed a deep breath and sigh. It is not pleasant while it is happening, but it will pass.
it will be that pill you missed lol
Oh no 4get. She'll never sleep now.
did you come on just to flaunt that picture of the baby infront of her lol
Oops. Didn't think of that.
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Pmsl! Im 24 star!

I didnt miss one thank fook LOL!!!! Was just checking! Trying to give me a heart attack ya buggers!!!

Just done my tan. Trying to find something good on tv is a challenge! Would keep my mind good. X
Well I hope as you arent in a relationship you are wise enough to use more than just a pill as protection anyway :-)

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Nervous feeling

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