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bobdaloon | 20:26 Mon 09th May 2005 | Body & Soul
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I want to learn everything i can about how to throw a good punch, muscles used, training methods, anything. does anyone know any gd sites


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A good punch has the weight of the shoulders behind it. Don't just stand there and swing your arms. As with a good golf swing you should feel as if you are punching past the object rather than against it, (follow through).
I taught a guy named Bruce once how to harness the minds energy into a single blow that required no back swing... He could not quite do the 1/2" punch but I hear he came quite close.
Sorry ICEMAN, I forgot to mention that part of it.

Nail a phone book to the wall.

Punch it 100 times a day tearing out one page per day

By the end you'll have a flat knuckles for the perfect punch.

best not to punch with your knuckles - you'll only end up hurting your hand if not breaking your bones.  My dad taught me and my sisters to punch with the heel of the hand (he's a very passive man but fearful for his daughters safety!) It hurts you much less on impact as it's the wrist and forearm taking the impact, not the fragile bones in the hand. 
As a kid, I was trained in martial arts and we were taught to hit with the first two nuckles (corresponding to the index and middle fingers) and to pay attention to keep your wrist strait so that it does not give and break.  Also along the same line as what Landie suggested, you need to have your whole body behind your punch.   
Hitting with the heel of the hand is called a palm strike, very effective when hitting the chin.
Keep your wrist straight, ie arm, wrist and fist in line.

Landie's advice about hitting through is very good. In snooker, players are taught to hit through the ball just as golfers are.

Also, if you're throwing a hook, you may find it good to follow through with your forearm and elbow. This can be extremly effective in hand to hand combat. If you connect properly with this technique, your foe is going down.

punching is about the hips, yet I bow before the assembled AB gang. you wont learn anything from websites, get yourself down the local boxing gym, effective punching is built from repetition and technique.

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