Why do I get SOOO tired at 2.30pm every day???

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pierkisser | 14:39 Sun 12th Feb 2012 | Body & Soul
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Despite being fairly active and getting a good night's sleep, why do I suddenly feel so tired mid-afternoon? It's a mystery and a bit annoying!


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Move to Spain, you'll fit in very well.
lol lady I was going to ask if the poster was Spanish.........
I do as well. Always about 2.30 regardless of what I've done.
I thought about that after I'd posted craft.
Could be getting on a bit as well. Often feel like it myself.
Is it not around this time tht your sugars take a dip??
In a word... Circadian Rhythm (actually 2 words, I suppose)... everyone is born with a rhythm for sleeping and waking that's inbred for a number of reasons upon which not all researchers agree. The majority of people, though, experience somewhat of a sinking feeling at about mid-afternoon... some greater and some less.
Take this test and see how you fare... http://www.usa.philip...circadian/178345/cat/
What are you eating for lunch?
Are you having a lot of sugary drinks in the mornings?
Something to do with eating habits at lunchtime I think. Bread/yeast can make you sluggish (so I have heard).
Try eating your lunch a bit earlier if possible and see if this makes any difference. It might be something to do with your blood sugar levels.
Or it could simply be that because our blood supply is diverted to the stomach in order to digest the food then we begin to feel sluggish and sleepy.
I get it too, I figured it's some kind of post lunch thing, bit of a blood pressure crash. I've felt better though since eating smaller, healthier meals and a snack if I need an energy fix.
For trainers, the first session after lunch is known as the Graveyard slot, nobody's paying too much attention....
It could be something to do with your routine. Maybe dehydration is kicking in or your blood sugar levels are plummeting.

Keep sipping water and have some fruit to snack on.
Low blood sugar is clearly the likeliest answer, do what was advised and see what happens after a couple of weeks. If nothing changes the best thing to do is a blood test to eliminate any other possible causes, but the general answers cover the usual reasons.
Swap wheat for oats at lunchtime- oat cakes, houmous, salad, fruit. This should tide you over a bit better and stop the dip that occurs shortly after lunch.
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those 8 pints of beer at lunctime wipe me out too.
Do what Winston Churchill did - have a 15 minute power nap.

You'll fell better for it.
I beleive thats when your energy levels are at their lowest. Im the same

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Why do I get SOOO tired at 2.30pm every day???

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