Glucokinase diabetes

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masma | 08:34 Sat 11th Feb 2012 | Body & Soul
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Does anyone have any info on the above please? Does anyone who has this need daily injections/insulin? Thanks in advance for any help x.


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I think this refers to a particular gene which is thought to be associated with adult onset diabetes. Most people who develop this condition (like my sister) can gain control of their blood sugar through dietary means, mainly by reducing carbohydrates. Obviously, the worse the condition is when it is first diagnosed, the more difficult this will be. For my sister, the dietary changes worked (and she lost 120lbs over two years!). Hope this helps.
I cannot add any more to what TopKat has posted, except to say that it rarely if ever needs treatment, either tablets or injection.
Diet alone should do the trick.
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Thank you both... We've been told that our grandaughter, age 11, has this. Her mother isn't too good at telling the truth so we're always warey of what she tells us. Mr M has type 2 diabetes and because of this g/d has inherited a faulty gene (she says)
hi, masma how " things " with you ?
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Hi Anne - up and down as with most folk I guess, I've been diagnosed with Poly Mialgic Rhumatica (sp?) which the doc can't seem to get sorted, son also has been up and down - we came home from a weekend away to find him drunk which was a real slap in the face for me as he seemed to be doing so well, just don't trust him any more. Daughter getting married in March which is something to look forward to. Thanks for asking about me ( bet you wish you hadn't bothered now eh? ;-) Hope you and yours are well xx

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Glucokinase diabetes

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