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albaqwerty | 09:52 Thu 09th Feb 2012 | Body & Soul
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He's offski. (A nasal polyp)

Discovereed that someone had 2, one on each side. and the poor woman had cancer of the eye. Cheerful.

How rare is just one polyp?


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Don't know, but best wishes.
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Thanks Ten xx
I'm unsure of the connection between the brain scan and a nasal polyp. But I don't think having just one polyp can be that rare. When I went into hospital with a bleeding one many years ago, it was just the one I had. Was told I'd get more but haven't yet.
One polyp (unilateral) is not unusual and is almost always not malignant.
However unilateral polyps must always be investigated further (MRI scan) just to exclude the outside possibility of it being malignant OR not a nasal polyp at all.
It is not the number of polyps that it is important, it is if they are unilateral OR bilateral that may be important and worth further investigation.
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Morning OG and Sqad.

He's had the MRI scan and was sent for this one to find out if it is attached to his brain prior to removal.
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The polyp not his brain duh :)(silly alba)
alba........NO......not so silly.
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It's surprising how one can be worried about another human.

How's things with you my dear sqadlet? x
alba.........fine.....back to normal.....seeing my Cardiologist in a couple of hour time for a check up........but will be fine.

No big deal my darling!
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lol sqad, I'm sure you have a big deal where it matters tho lol (sorry couldn't resist)

Just tell your Cardio that you know the rules and break them often :) x
tell us how you get on, sqaddy :-)
alba...LOL....i have never had any complaints ;-)
gee sqad, bragging again :-)
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Hope you and Mrs Sqad have a nice meal after the cardio visit.

Mr Alba and I did a recce yesterday for his hospital visit today and we went to one of the vans selling hotdogs etc for lunch. He does know how to spoil a person ?:
oh alba all good luck for you and mra and also good luck sqad and mrs sqad. please let us know how everything goes. fingers crossed.
Question Author
thank you LJ, I'm sure he'll be fine

Boxy, when Sqad has it, he flaunts it (That's just a guess btw!!)
lol alba - must go now. see you later.

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