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bookboo | 13:09 Mon 06th Feb 2012 | Body & Soul
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I've always admired her and watched her on TV when I was growing up. I always thought she looked great and she is a very pretty woman. She obviously looks fantastic with the weight loss, but she looks like a different person now. I must say that I feel slightly disillusioned.

Anyway, does anyone know how she did it? I have always been a size 12 but in the last year and a half I have gone up to a size 16 (I'm 30). I definitely feel like everyone is losing weight and I'm gaining weight!!


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If you read what she said in the interview (Mail online has it) she must have adopted a low carb diet - 'I don’t eat bread, potatoes or pasta now. I don’t have chocolate in my house.' That is the only way to lose and keep off that amount of weight - without risking surgery. She may not look as "cuddly" etc now, but she will be healthier and has probably extended her life which must be the most important thing. It's really bad for your body to be so overweight and none of us want diabetes, heart disease etc. If you find that you're gradually gaining weight (as I did, going from 10 stone to 14 stone over ten years) then you need to change your diet. Lose the carbs - the bread, potatoes, pasta, like Dawn French did. Eat meat, chicken, fish etc and lots of green vegetables. You will find you stop craving the carbs and your weight will gradually and safely drop. I did this and lost 50lbs which I am able to maintain by avoiding carbs. Good luck!
This is where I always get confused as some diets tell you to stock up on carbs
I like Dawn French too but I do doubt her story (thats awful of me I know)
I think she may have had a gastric band or bypass
The only person I know who had a band fitted is the same weight now as she was when she had it fitted
As for the Bypass - I know a young lady (24) who had one - she looks fab.
I think she looks good now but it will take a while for me to get used to her slimmer, towards the end of vicar of dibley she had gained a heck of a lot of weight which must have had a negative effect on her joints and everywhere else!
whatever way she has chosen to lose weight she has done so by cutting out the foods that have made her unhealthy and for that she should be applauded, I dont think the gastric band is a guaranteed weight loss, just look at vanessa feltz and alison hammond as examples of people who have had the band for a few years with minimal to no weight loss!

whatever way she has lost weight, she seems happier and looks great !
I heard she had gone on the Lighter Life diet but that may just be an urban myth.
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Thanks guys, and Topkat, thanks for the advice. Giving up bread, potatoes and pasta seems a very daunting thought as I would say that my diet is about 90% of this stuff!! I will give it a try though.
i think she looked lovely when she was big,
but i must say i think she looks even better now that she's lost a bit,


but im wondering, has her skin 'adapted' to the new smaller Dawn? afterall she was a rather large lady (19st) and lost the weight fairly quickly, didn't she?
Me again - just read your post about carbs being 90% of your diet and unfortunately, I know just what you mean! I was the same, just loved my bread and pasta so I know it can seem daunting. You can do it though and you will find it gets easier as you do. I certainly found watching the weight fall off a very good incentive to stick with it! Again, good luck!

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Dawn French - Weight Loss

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