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sarah* | 13:43 Fri 06th May 2005 | Body & Soul
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 hey im 18

can anyone help me with the body language

i want to no all the obvious signs that a lad gives out when they like a girl and the signs of flirting

being a girl i no what signs women tend to give out but find it hard seeing a lads body language

its for my psychology course thankyou


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check if they're breathing, thats usally a fairly positive sign!!
If I fancy someone and want to flirt with them, i tend to use a lot of eye contact, looking into their eyes a little loger than usual, also would pay her lots of complements about facial features / clothes etc... I may come across as shy so she thinks I'm a really nice guy, also I may bit a bit nervous incase I say the wrong thing.   I would also put some of the competition down to try to get her to focus on me.... hope this helps

Look at things like mirror imaging, when one person starts to mirror the other.

Touching like brushing something off someone or lingering contact, like when passing someone something.

There are meant to be some more subconscious signs such as fiddling with a belt if I remember right.

Grooming is another.

Try this...

Hope this helps!

If he talks to a place about 10" south of your face.
I meant eyes, that woman would be a bit bizarre if you measured from the chin. Going to shut up now!

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body language

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