Weight loss.

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Noseyparker | 00:51 Sun 29th Jan 2012 | Body & Soul
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How expensive is the weight loss programme that pauline Quirke used? Thanks in anticipation


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i paid 69 pound the first week and then had to buy 21 food packs a week,, which cost me 57 pound. I lost 7 pound in the first week, then gave up due to cost of this. hope it helps.
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I thought that might be the case. Thanks, that does help.
i bought superdrugs own milk shakes for weight loss, and used them with skimmed milk and had 3 a day, and sometimes 4, each serving is 235 calories...its good and i lost a stone in 2 weeks, but have to bear in mind when i start eating properly, it will creep up, so i am at present trying to stick to a good meal plan, with low calories and which will be the same every week, also drink 2 litres per day, including tea etc
Rozia, a stone in two weeks is so much too fast - approx 2lbs a week is the recommended limit if you want to keep it off. 4 drinks means you are only getting 1000 calories a day, which is just not good for your body at all.

The 2 litres a day is good but if you were eating properly, not just the meal replacement drinks, you could increase that. Meal replacement drinks don't give you the nourishment your body needs for more than 2 or 3 days at a time.
I thought it would be expensive! She has done so well though, looks so different! I read today that Linda Robson her co-star in "Birds of a Feather" has also done the same diet after seeing Pauline! I could not live on milk shakes though, I would have cravings for my fruit ...........
i know boxtops, but i am so under pressure to lose weight, i would do anything to a certain limit, my budget is tight (may get tighter soon) and so couldn't afford lighterlife, but i did feel ill for the first 2 days and now feel ok, got used to it. Seem to get too many health problems with the extra 3 stone i have on me, 1 gone 2 to go.....but will keep safe and stop if i don't feel good.
Good - let us know how you're getting on!
will do :-)
Pauline Quirke does not live on milkshakes now she has lost weight
This weight loss programme wouldn't be for me, but now she has lost her weight, the experts at LL will help you introduce 'proper' food into your life again gently and slowly allowing you to maintain your weight

You are eventually eating all food and not shakes

These meal replacements are good for a kick start but, IMO, not to be used long term by you at home without advice.

But, whatever programme you choose, GL!
Nobody "loses" 7lb in the first week of a diet. This weight loss is only fluid and other items and as soon as you started eating properly again you would put it all back on.

NOBODY needs to pay out for expensive foods to lose weight. Just buy decent food, avoid "bad" food, and eat sensibly for a few months and the weight will come off.

Weight can take months or years to put on so allow months or years to lose it again. After the initial high weight loss then 1lb a week or so is about normal for weight loss.

If you go on a "crash" diet to lose weight you will just put it all on again.

Many companies get rich buy offering all sorts of miricle diet plans when all it needs is sensible eating (and drinking) over a period of months (or for the rest of your life if possible).

Remember We are all on diets, just some of us are on bad ones. So dont go ON a diet, but CHANGE your diet.
anybody else think she had a gastric band?
No, I dont
I know a fair few people who have tried Lighter Life and all of them have regained their weight plus more, in lightning speed. Yes, you lose weight but that's because you are eating virtually nothing. It really is no way to lose weight long term. After years of this myself, I do think the only way is to make some serious changes to your everyday routine. Eg- I now have only breakfast OR lunch and try not to have carbs at dinner time. Everything else in moderation- don't banish things or you will crave them. Basically I just wait until I am properly hungry before I eat anything, and then listen carefully for "full" signals before over-eating.
Don't do it, it's unnatural and purely about what the numbers on the scales say and not about how you look.

I work in a Gym and see many women who have gone the Lighter Life way and every single one looks awful, like deflated Balloons, absolutely no muscle tone, gaunt and saggy. One Woman lost loads of weight on her Bum, Legs and arms, but her stomach and back are still fat.

Everyone say's it, but a balanced healthy diet low in Saturated Fat and Sugar and eating the right Carbs (Complex) along with plenty of exercise is the only way.

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