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Eve | 19:45 Fri 27th Jan 2012 | Body & Soul
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Seriously, what do you have to do to get an operation!

Was in hospital mid Nov and they said they hoped to get me an elective op within a couple of weeks or so so I wasn't put on the emergency surgery list. My surgeon was meant to come and see me a few days running while i was in there but nothing.

It was then scheduled for 27 December and cancelled as they had missed I was supposed to be being referred to immunology and may been an anaesthetic referral.

Aside from that, pre-op didn't have the questionnaire they were meant to have at my assessment, immunology didn't have a proper referral form sent to them for them to make an appointment and didn't get my medical records sent to them for my apppointment...

Got latex allergy cleared (though immunology said they were surprised they cancelled my op and didn't just offer me latex free surgery).

Got my new operation date through yesterday of 9 March. Got my anaesthetist consultant appointment through today - wait for it - 20 March.


I give up, sorry not much of a question, more of a rant! Hope they employ better surgeons than their administrators!


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Awwww babe :0( hope it works out for you stop this [email protected]&$!?g about all the time xx
Good luck
Question Author
Thanks both :) I'll get there eventually! x
Yea... hospitals do that some times... GOOD LUCK!
The Admin is becoming absolute rubbish, I received an appointment for 9am on the day I got the letter (at 11-30am). The letter hadn't been posted it was dated two weeks earlier. You begin to lose faith in the whole setup.
To whom should one complain when treated so shoddily? Jenna, don't give up. You are entitled to your rant. Email local paper, local MP, national paper, David Cameron. Obviously your hospital could not organise a f--- -p in a b---h-l.

Good Luck.
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I've noticed that there seems to be about a 3 day delay from the date of the letter to when it arrives. My initial op date was sent on a Tuesday, got it Friday when I got home and the op was due for Wednesday. That one was cancelled though but if it hadn't been, as it was over Christmas if I'd gone home earlier or come back later for Christmas I could have had a hardly any notice or even missed it.

I'm just not a complaining person and I'd worry it would cause bad feeling against me when I need them, not just for this op but other medical stuff.

It's becoming a bit par for the course. Some departments are fantatic - rhumatology and immunology. I've had problems with gastro though too (and related) and had my gastro consultant apologise to me on the last two times I've seen him for their stuff ups.

I'll give them a ring on Monday and see what I can sort out but worried now they are going to cancel the op again so I have to wait until after the anaesthetist one then go through the whole wait to get it rescheduled again.

With everything else going on I could just do without all this on top and I agree gran, it doesn't inspire confidence.

I've got to contact my GP about some test results anyway on Monday so will have a chat with her and see what she suggests.
If its via NHS - you should speak to PALS - it's an NHS complaints/concerns service for patients and staff alike. Even if they cannot solve the problem for you every complaint or concern is documented and all info recorded so hopefully at some point someone somewhere should notice what is going on. Whether it be receiving your letter for appointment the day of appointment or the fact that your surgery keeps being put off and then admin is screwing it up for you.

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