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glover22 | 23:56 Tue 03rd May 2005 | Body & Soul
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Ive heard that if you were to have sex say in a bath that it can really damage a woman. Can anyone tell me the facts and if it is ever ok to do?!?!thanks x x x x


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It depends how long you hold her head down !

LMAO, pjm007.  You have made my evening.

Glover22.  Seriously, it's very common and quite OK.   

the mention of bath-sex is enough to strike fear into the hearts of most girls. i'm not sure whether it's true or not, but better just to stick to the shower.

ROFLMAO Pjm - love it!!! :-p

Well sex in the bath can damage whoever draws the short straw and gets the "tap end"!!  Also the risk of slipping is quite high. 

Your title was "Sex underwater" which does not necessarily mean just in the bath.  I have a "friend" who did it in the sea, and I'm not dead yet! ;-) *coughs* SHE is not dead yet!

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salt water isn't quite so good for innards. In particular, if you ever find yourself by the Dead Sea, don't.
I know you shouldn't squirt high pressure jets of water say from a shower head directly inside a woman glover22, it may cause an embolism in the blood stram.
Call me old fashioned but personally I wouldn't want to have sex in a bathtub anyhow....who says romance is dead? he he !
But when you go into the sea - what's do say the salt water wouldn't get into a girl anyway.  I'm no doctor, but I know my own body... we don't have "plugs"!!
I believe it's because the water itself will wash away a woman's natural lubrication and if she is dry, it will be painful for her.
i think i will pass on this one if me and mr daisy got in the bath together we would get stuck..its probably okay for really skinny people..and mr daisy is such a gentleman i would be the tap end..without a doubt..

He he.  I know just what you mean, oxeyedaisy!  Anyway, I like the bathroom to myself!

i read you're not supposed to have sex in the sea or a swimming pool as chemicals/sand/dirty water gets forced into places it shouldn't be......
i should think in the bath would be ok though

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Sex Underwater

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