Back ache...

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tinkerbell23 | 02:21 Tue 17th Jan 2012 | Body & Soul
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Im not saying its more of an ache with occasional pain...

The ache is down my full spine...and it extends to my hips...feels like where my legs would connect to my pelvis...

Just now sitting in bed im getting twinges in my hips and lower back and across the shoulders...its horrible and i do take pain killers for it... What the hecks caused this? Im only 24 lol...



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Sorry hun but watch those high shoes, throws your body out of alignment.
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Hmm i know...but i actually only wear them at weekends....phew lol

I was putting the ache down to the virus i had over xmas...but standing up even makes me feel stiff! Grr x
Tinks do you do any exercise and if so proper dynamic stretching beforehand??
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I do...but not of late (been lazy)....i try to do the "back exercises" on the machine to strenghthen my back as i have a physical job....but notmworked since 15th december so its not work! Xx
If you have exercises specifically for your back then take time to do them whether you are working or exercising, they do help
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I dont really...must get some..i only use the one machine at the gym xx
Do some at home, the floor is a great exercise mat. look on the internet for some simple stretches for your back muscles. Any I could tell you would be specific for ice hockey to strengthen your lower back hamstrings and quads, groins and groin flexors, find some that suit you and your activities. My back and legs get achey these days if I don't stretch, i've never had back problem though I've played high impact sports for over 35 and ice hockey
have you been to a osteopath? I used to get awful lower back pain that extended down both legs to my mid-calf. It got so bad in the end that I nearly went to A&E. I went to an osteopath and he gave me a few adjustments and I'm pretty much ok now but I have a maintenance treatment every 6 weeks or so.

Also, if you're having to take pain killers this site might be a good place to look because they sell products at a discount: <a href="">Axis Medicare</a>
Nursing can wreck your back even with all the latest manual handling advice... I suggest yoga as the gentle stretching should help and if the problems continue it might be worth having some sessions with a practitioner of the Alexander technichque be very wary of therapies that rely on manipulation as it is probably a posture thing at your age
And don't spend too much time laying in bed or sitting around - it will make things worse!! (Not that I am accusing you, Tinks ;o) ). You seriously need to keep mobile.
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lottie your right!! ive the tendancy to lie in a bit more...and its doing me no good!!!

also...i thought, i had a memory foam matress topper...which i binned and i am waiting to SOON as my friend sat on the bed she said what what you done to your this has something to do with it as i definately feel more pressure when lying in bed!!

argh. Rowan i think i will take yoga up...jeez i thought time off would be good for my back! i really try to use my moving and handling skills!!

thanks all for the suggestions...if it continues i will have to see someone xx

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Back ache...

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