grandparents medical records

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tweenyb | 21:53 Mon 16th Jan 2012 | Body & Soul
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i am sorry if this isnt the right category but its kind of health related and law related so where to put this querey i dont know.
my paternal grandmother was very sick from an early age with something similar to dementia (it was not dementia however), I would like to find out more from her medical records but dont have a clue how to begin.
I need to find out as I want to ensure that i get help with genetic counselling before i have another child so as to hopefully avoid having a child with disabilities (as has happened to 2 of my siblings).
hope you can help


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was it huntington's chorea? all that springs to mind at present x
If you know who her GP was, I would start there - the records may be archived - it depends how long ago she was registered there.

The GP can't give you sight of the records but given the circumstances, they may be able to give you certain specific information about her medical condition.

However - have you asked your own GP? IMO, a GP to GP request for information about your grandmother might be more appropriate than for your grandmother's health information to be revealed to you as a relative, since that does breach NHS information-sharing governance guidelines.
Icg76 - they have dropped the word chorea and it's now just known as Huntingtons. My friend has this as had her father before her and her daughter carries the gene. The sooner a cure is found the better, dreadful disease.
This is the wrong way round but my consultant has referred families for genetic counselling but they have already had children (she's a paediatrician) and I think they've had blood tests, I want to say karyotyping but I'm not sure that's the right test.... anyhow, I imagine the genetic counsellers can request the medical records of the grandparents if it's relevent to the case. I know that I have requested medical information on parents for certain cases we do. So... I'm thinking that if you went to your GP, explained the situation and broached the topic of genetic counselling then perhaps the GP could refer you for that and the genetic counsellers could request the information themselves.

Sorry for the long winded answer, I'm literally thinking how it could work as I type. I reckon GP is first port of call.
Agree with CD - think your GP should be your first port of call. If he/she understands your anxieties then help will be available. Good luck.
i think you would be best asking your doctor to find them and look at them on your behalf, as you are not entitled to look at someone elsed records.

if you explain the problem i am sure your doctor will be able to help... they can organise relevant tests etc

even if you were to see them, what use is it? you will have a few names of diseases that you know nothing about and wont know if you have it anyway.

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grandparents medical records

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