update on the nasal polyps

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albaqwerty | 15:38 Fri 13th Jan 2012 | Body & Soul
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Mr alba went for his CT scan, received a letter from the dept of Otolaryngology
(jeepers what a word) the CT scan confirmed the polyp is in the right nostril.
However the radiolist has requested at CT scan of the brain to explore an area in the skull on the right side. The think this could be developmental in origin and has been present from birth.

Most of the above is quoted from his letter


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Interesting......keep us informed.
Question Author
Thanks sqad. I was hoping you'd be around. x
I told Mr Alba I'd go with him on this scan. He is chomping at the bit (aas it were) to get an appointment, it is really annoying him. The facial numbness and lack of smell and taste are getting to him (and me as well)
How are things going with yourself me dear?
alba....fine just fine.....but mrs sqad wont let me drive yet, which is sending me "up the wall"
Question Author
oh the joys, the joys. She does it to keep you safe. Frustrating I know, but if you were in this country you would have a pile load of ab'ers narking at you and helping and supporting Mrs Sqad :D

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update on the nasal polyps

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