stomach hurts when lying?

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anthony25 | 23:44 Mon 09th Jan 2012 | Body & Soul
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hello everyone,for the past couple of years ive noticed when lying on my back in bed for a few hours i get pains in my lower stomach and when i try to take a deep breath i cant seem to grasp it as my stomach wont allow it,its worse at night when watching tv in bed etc,what i have to do is stand up and walk around the house 15 mins or so,then i can feel it wearing off my stomach feels quite heavy etc,ive never been to my gp as its something ive learned to live with but its rather unsettling,any ideas as to whats going on thanks?


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Go to the doctor. Seriously.
Thats what you GP is there for. They have trained for years to give you answers. Unlike the people on answerbank - who are just filling spare time.
Two years? for goodness' sake - go to the doctor. You don't have to "learn to live" with something like this. Get it sorted.
If it has been there for 2 years.....the it isn't serious or life threatening. Is there a swelling in your groin.....any bowel problem .....any "water works" problem?

See you GP for reassurance, although it does sound muscular in origin.
Whilst I would agree in some respects Kassee, there are ABers that are trained professionals and take great pleasure in helping people with advice. They will also advise them to see a GP, but might give reassurance as well.

One such person is on this thread.
If anthony had posted this in the Health category, he would also have seen the disclaimer which says that whilst people on here can give advice, going to see a health professional who can conduct a clinical examination is the best option.
I'd tend to agree with the muscular thing, it used to happen to me. After you've talked to your gp you could try some excercises to strengthen your lower stomach and back, it helps.
could it be a hernia or have you lifted something heavy recently? that happened to me, i had picked up some heavy boxes and it wasnt until 2 days later that i had pains.
I cannot understand why on earth you would put up with this for years! Rather than worry yourself silly, please just go to your GP and have it checked. Just because it has been there for years does not mean it can't be something serious!! It could be anything from a damaged muscle to a hernia to a tumour, which if not sorted out, can lead to far more serious problems! Don't waste time, go to your GP and have it sorted! You will feel so much better knowing what it is and getting whatever treatment is recommended! Not going to have it checked may well land you in a situation that is far worse and more serious than you expect and possibly no longer treatable! I am not scaremongering, just trying to get through to you how important it is not to wait any longer! Best wishes!
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ok guys gp it is,thanks i will update shortly

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stomach hurts when lying?

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