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Purple_Popple | 21:53 Tue 13th Dec 2011 | Body & Soul
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I have had one brother have skin cancer earlier this year, he is ok now as it was caught early thank goodness. An ex of mine has skin cancer but more progressive, I said I would take him into hospital for his operation and tests and be there for him as he doesnt want his family to know yet, now another brother of mine is waiting for prostate cancer tests....Im just do down about it all, it just all seems at once and cant take it in. It makes me think that cancer is on the increase...or are we just made more aware of it ? I know of so many people (not just family) that are going through this.


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Hi Purple ur x is a lucky guy avin u stand by him x
Glad ur bruv got sorted n now u 2nd ! isnt fair cancer is def on the increase n my advice 2 u is get sum counselling ur strong but u need support hun x
Hi Poppy,

I think the increase in cancers is a combination of people living longer, more awareness and diagnosis and altered lifestyles. My father's 80 and he's had three separate skin cancer operations on his scalp and most of his scalp has now been removed. He was an airline flight engineer so he spent many years in the tropical sun without a hat. The dangers weren't realised a few years ago. Recently, three out of four (75%) of European Australians would develop skin cancer by the time they reached 65 - caused by the sun. Even now, how many Brits strip off in the summer and sunbathe?

At least your brothers and ex have caught their conditions as quickly as possible. They will now be in the best hands and receiving the best possible treatment which is very good indeed now. It's also good that you are so close to them and helping them as much as you can. Good luck, I'm sure everything will be OK.
I don't think cancer is on the increase .It's just that we are made more aware of it these days .To be fair people have been dying from cancer for centuries.
Having said that lifestyle these days is said to cause more cancers .
Lots of scaremongering in the press regarding what you eat,drink etc .This causes cancer ,that causes cancer ,then six months later they change their minds .
I'm sorry to hear of your worries Purple_Popple..try and be positive .Cancer is not a death sentence these days .I know how you feel .
Cancer touches many peoples lives .
The Macmillan Nurses are there to help you through the the hard times .If you are worried get in touch ,they are very helpful and they talk to you and reassure you.
Yes, I definitely think cancer is on the increase. I come from a village that had a population of about 500 (including outlaying farms) and when I lived there 25 years ago, most people died of heart attacks and strokes (mainly elderly people). If I go around the village in my mind now, every few houses have been affected by cancer. It`s the same in my place of work. They`re dropping like flies. We have an obituries board and there are about 8 people on there at the moment and it`s cancer 99% of the time. They`re quite young people too. I`m always working with colleages who have been off sick with it.
I had the same thoughts PP, my brother has recently had an op for bowel cancer, he's not coping well, especially living alone. My BIL had prostate cancer and having chemo everyday for 44 sessions. My neighbour has had stomach cancer and came home last week from hospital. One friend with MS who is deteriorating quickly, and a nephew is in Intensive Care, (vegetative state) It is so depressing.
What is it then ? What causes it ?
My husband had anal cancer .He's never been ill .Always fit and healthy .Never in all the years at work hardly had a day off through illness .
Then all of a sudden,no symptoms and bang .He's been a lucky man though .
caught in time but it's a hell of a lifestyle change for him .
His father died from bowel cancer .Is it genetic ?
Beginning to think it is Shaney, my next youngest sis had bowel cancer in exactly the same place as my bro, (the next down in age). She has been clear of it for 7 years now but she has to be careful what she eats. I've done the test and it was OK so I'm hoping (as the eldest) it has passed me by. The youngest sis is Ok too. It is a silent cancer, his was detected through a test.
My sis had a spot of blood and her friend made her go to see what had caused it. It's in the back of my mind all the time now.
It's certainly scary and like you say PP it does seem more people have cancer now than ever before, but why?
Two years ago I was diagnosed with lung cancer and had to have the top half of my lung removed, yet I don't smoke.
This year after I had a suspicious looking mole removed from my face it turned out to be a carcinoma but I never sit out in the sun.
Yesterday was the funeral of a friend of mine who has had skin cancer, breast cancer and in the end she had cancer in most of her body.
I wish more money could be spent on finding out what causes cancer that isn't due to smoking, the sun, alcohol etc.
My father-in-law got to the ripe old age of 93 but sadly died last week and it is his funeral on Friday which also happens to be our wedding anniversary. My lovely daughter-in-law has spinal cancer with secondary cancer in her lungs and in September was given months to live but she is determined to be at the funeral. Will probably spend most of the day worrying more about her than concentrating on Dad's funeral. It will be a very strange anniversary for Mr BD and me and then a quiet Christmas. Her brother is just recovering from colon cancer so it may be something in their genes. As a previous post stated I think many people have died over the years of cancer without it actually being named and we are much more informed now. My thoughts are with everybody who has a family member or close friend who has been diagnosed.
It is worrying really askyourgran ...I do think these things can be genetic .
My three brothers all have dicky hearts .One has a pacemaker ,one a stent and on is undergoing investigation for atrial fibrilation .My Mum had heart problems .My sister died from heart probs .
That leaves me . My Dad died from lung cancer although it was industry related ....oh well, keep calm and carry on .
None of us know and it's a good job we don't .Dreadful thing .They can bung a man on the moon but they can't find a cure for cancer .
In 1986 the whole of the UK was irradiated after the Chernobyl accident. All sheep in the UK had to be destroyed that year as all the grass in the UK contained radioactive particles. I also remember it being announced at the time that the radiation was expected to cause an extra 100,000 cancers more than usual in the UK over the following years.

Perhaps many of the cancers we see now are the legacy of Chernobyl. My mother died of breast cancer in 1999 and I often wondered whether Cherobyl killed her.
237SJ is quite correct.

As a nation we are getting fatter, lazier, more affluent than our forefathersnas well as greater awareness.

Complicated picture, but bin my opinion cancer isnon the increase.

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