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China Doll | 15:12 Tue 22nd Nov 2011 | Body & Soul
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Afternoon All,

I am going to have a cortisone injection in to my hip under LA in a few weeks time. Has anyone had this or a similar procedure (another part of the body or something), and if so, how did you feel afterwards and did you feel anything at the time of injection? The only stuff I've had done under an LA I guess would be dentistry stuff so not sure what to expect.

Ta muchly :c)


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I've had cortisone injections in my hand and shoulder - both without a local - was very sore to have it done but I had no adverse reactions afterwards - you shouldn't feel much (if anything) with a local. Hope it goes well for you
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Thank you rsvp, that's reassuring.
i had one in my knee with local - it was ok, just the thought of it more than anything else. I also had a needle biopsy of my hip under fluoroscopy (i think that was it) nothing was injected but again the thought of it made me shudder, so i took a big glug of oramorph prior to it, mainly for my nerves. It was ok.
I had several done at once in my rib cage, it was bloody agony, I fainted afterwards and the injections didn't work :(
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What's oramohph? I think it's the thought of the needle near bone that's making me feel icky as you say, I'm fine with normal injections though.

That sounds horrible daffy, poor you!
Oramorph is morphine taken orally. Have some and you will be away with the fairies.
Mr O had a cortisone injection in his thumb joint last month. He didnt have a local. He said it hurt a bit (and believe me, he is a big baby with pain).
Oramorph is a liquid painkiller of Morphine sulphate.
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Ta... I don't think I would need that, the thought isn't making me panic as such, I just wasn't sure what to expect, and with the exception of daffy's horrendous experience, it doesn't sound like it will be too hideous. :c)
Ive had 3 cortisone in my elbows, they did hurt but pain immediately went, my arm was stiff and immovable for 3 days after the injection, after that I just had great relief, definitely worth having done in my opinion.
honestly it's not - and very quick
It wasn't an experience I would want to repeat China. I'm not in the slightest bit scared of needles but those injections really hurt me during and afterwards.
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I'm booked on annual leave anyway after I've been stuck so fingers crossed if I do have a bad experience I should have plenty of recovery time. I think it will be ok.
Probably worth taking a dose of your usual pain killers about an hour before the procedure should be ok if you are very nervous they might let your OH go with you so you can squeeze his hand
China you will be fine, no it isn't pleasant but also its not the end of the world either, its all over in just a few seconds, especially if its done under a LA, no worries.
I've had them a number of times in my shoulder without LA and sometimes you feel it and others you don't. On most occasions it was sore the following few days but then it has been fine. Had a few of them done with a scan and you can see it going in to where they want to put the stuff if you want. No where as bad as going to the dentist China Doll.
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Coolio. I am feeling suitably manned up now!
I've had them in my knees and elbow . Bit sore afterwards and a sort of dull ache but once that wore off ....pain free ! Good luck ,you'll be fine .
i had a cortisone injection into the bursar near/around my hip with no anaesthetic and it didn't hurt a bit. during the evening after the injection my leg started aching and continued for about 12 hours. it didn't solve the problem though.
i also had a cortisone injection right into the hip joint under general anaesthetic as part of the diagnostic investigations. obviously i was asleep so felt nothing, and it didn't hurt at all afterwards either. again, it didn't solve the problem.
I had them in my shoulder several times - not too bad, the thought is worse than the actual injection. Just tell yourself it will take your pain away in a couple of days, surely that is worth it.
I had one in my bum for general inflammation (not actually for my bum, that's big enough as it is!) when my arthritis had gone a bit crazy. I was bracing myself but didn't even feel it! Maybe having a "generous" rear end helped though!

It took a few days to kick in and I get a strange stinging like sensation where I think it was tackling the inflammation then it was great for a couple of days then wore off...gutted! Nice while it lasted though :)

I'm guessing different for me though as it wasn't directly injected into a joint which I'm guessing hurts a lot more! The rhumatology bloods nurses said the nurse who jabbed me has a special knack of doing it though.

The jabs they kept putting in my tummy (anti DVT or something) when I was in hospital last week stung more!

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