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Purple_Popple | 21:30 Wed 09th Nov 2011 | Body & Soul
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I have recently been diagnosed as suffering from BPPV...and am getting really fed up of it now, it only happens in the morning on getting out of bed, and also in bed when I turn over only from my right side to my left. Everything spins and I have to close my eyes for about a minute. No other sensations of dizzines during the day at all and I have had these sensations for well over 6 months now, I feel very fatigued too. Would like to know what I can do to alleviate these symptoms other than taking Stemetil occasionally.


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I don't have that, but a brain tumour has induced similar symptoms at night time. It has been really really bad at times, so much so that many times I have have had virtual panic attacks and have stayed awake until I was past caring and likely to fall asleep within moments - for me it is never really a problem if I am upright but as soon as I lay down.....

I dunno if this will help you but I found increasing my head elevation (adding another pillow) helped a lot.
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Thanks Postdog, I will certainly try an extra pillow tonight ! My GP did mention a MRI scan if my symptoms dont get any better by the new year.
Purple I don't want to scare you but severe fatigue, clumsiness, loss of balance plagued me for well over a year, and during that time various causes were suggested and acted on. However all those diagnoses were wrong and it was only after an MRI that the tumour was discovered. Might just be worth asking your doctor if you can book an MRI scan now - you'll probably have to wait once you make the appointment anyway.

I'm in the John Radcliffe this weekend and having surgery to try and remove it early next week.
I suffered from this for 11 years following a simple ear infection. Kept going back to the GP and then ENT specialist who basically said I would have to live with it and it would go on it's own possibly but could come back at times. After 11 years I was so fed up I asked for a second opinion, GP was not too pleased with this but sent me to the ENT department of a different hospital (with the sort of attitude of 'They won't find anything we haven't already told you but just to keep you happy....' type of thing.)

I went to the other hospital and the ENT department did an afternoon of different tests and straight away diagnosed BPV and said they could sort it out in no time. I had to undergo something called a Particle Repositioning Manoevre, which took probably 10 minutes and involved them turning my head into various upside down and sideways positions to relocate the fluid in the ear (which apparently had some deposits floating around in it which were landing on the balance mechanism causing the dizziness when turning over in bed or in my case when bending down) into canals which had no affect on balance.
(A bit like one of those snow globes that's how they described it!)

It was brilliant, just had to be a little careful for about a week after, but then the symptons had gone.

Apparently at the time not all hospitals were aware of this treatment and didn't have staff trained to do this manoeuvre.

I was told that it could be cured for good or could return at a later date, but I was given a direct dial to that department and at the first sign of any problem again I could ring and make an appointment to have that manoeuvre done again within a day or two. Over the following year I probably had it done a couple of times, but since then I've been fine and that was over 10 years ago. (I still have that number in case though)

I can't believe I suffered that for 11 years when there was a simple, painless solution out there.

It's worth a try - good luck!
If BPPV has been diagnosed by an ENT surgeon that that is the diagnosis.

Google Cooksey-Cawthorne exercises.
have the same, and for the last six years it's been a nightmare, only thing can suggest is do everything like getting out of bed slowly, as that settles everything in place, so sit on side of the bed for a few minutes. Try not to turn over side to side quickly either as you know that makes the room spin. I took those tablets but they had no effect. And considering that had the various balance tests and done the cooksey exercises, the problem remains. Would have a MRI scan but can't do it as i am claustrophobic and last time tried had a panic attack. And if it persists perhaps do what postdog says get an MRI scan, good luck
I can recommend the Google Cooksey-Cawthorne exercises.
I suffer from vertigo if I have had a cold... and once it lasted for 12 months.. but he more you expose yourself to the dizzynes the quicker your brain overcomes it.. which is what the exercises do.
I too have suffered with BPPV for about 5 years. The answer is to get referred to a Physiotherapist (or other) who can perform the EPLEY manouvre. Take it from me it is extremely successful.
gosh its amazing how common it is!!
Yes Nosha123, it is quite common but the diagnosis (and treatment) are relevantly new.
good luck on your surgery postdog,lets know how you get on,will be thinking of you.x x x x kate
I think I may see my doctor about this manoeuvre .I suffer with the dizzy dames and take Stemetil as and when .
I have arthritis in my neck which I thought may cause it ,when I turn my neck suddenly I get a dizzy feeling or when I bend down . Same with turning over in bed. The room goes round .
Then I put it down to my underactive thyroid.
Then I put it down to "just one of those things " that you get as you get older :)
My GP said vertigo or something called vestibular something or other .
Good information folks ..thank you .
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Postdog, I wish you all the best and please do let us know how you are afterwards ! Take good care and thank you for all your advice thus far to all who have answered, I too didnt realise how common this was, I must admit Im slightly worried as earlier this year i had that horrendous severe headache that lasted almost three days, I hope this isnt connected. Some excellent suggestions of which I will look at. :)
Shaney....a word of warning.....these exercises are specifically for BPPV and NOT all causes of dizziness. Your vertigo seem to be an artery nipped off in the neck, reducing the blood supply to a part of the brain for a second or two...vertebrobasilar insufficiency secondary to cervical arthritis.
These exercises are not a panacea for all types of vertigo, and in your case, they may well make it worse.
Mr.West, an ENT Consultant at Queen Alexandra Hospital, Portsmouth is a leading exponent in BPPV and teaches widely on it's causation, diagnosis and treatment. Fortunately for me I live within his catchment area. Could be a good point of reference for any sufferers. Good luck to all.
Thanks sqad ..that's made me feel a whole lot better ...haha..

Actually you may be right thinking about it .One of the reasons I've never seen a chiropracter with my neck although I have had some physio where it's caused a trapped nerve .
I'm dubious about having my neck pulled about really as the last X ray showed the bones are compressed .
The OA is in my neck and spine as well as everywhere else .

So the blood supply to my brain gets cut off ? Hmmm wonder I'm getting so forgetful . I'll keep taking the tablets :)
Shaneystar MrAsk started with dizzy spells and it was put down to his blood pressure and the doc doubled the dose of his BP tablet. He also has two worn vertebrae and arthritis at the top of his neck which cause him some aches and pains, his hand and arm goes numb at time. He can't do certain exercises, you should consult your GP on the best ones. His BP was taken last Monday and it was OK, but he still has some dizziness
Yes I think I got a bit overexcited askyourgran ..thinking that a simple exercise could cure this dizziness .But as sqad has pointed out I don't think it's for me .
I think it is the neck problem that causes it .
My BP is ok though .

PS if you are reading this Postdog ..I wish you all the very best for your op and hope all goes well for you .
I had it. Started after an ear problem. Did the manouvre myself. Did it a few times and that fixed it.

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