help! smelly plaster cast!!!

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lcg | 16:20 Tue 25th Oct 2011 | Body & Soul
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i think the title says it all, really. it's a temporary one i have to keep until next monday, but it already whiffs to high heaven. any tips on making it smell nicer? i plan to dismantle it later, wash my arm, give it a bit of air, baby powder the inside (not loads) and reconstruct it with a new bandage. something needs to be done. help! x


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No ideas but my granda got a row last year
For "febreezing" his LMAO xx
I really wouldn't tinker- leave well alone!

I had my arm in a cast for 10 weeks and don't remember it smelling?
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i thought about febreeze, but then smelt it and it was a little chemically in nature. might be fine for stinky shoes, but under a plaster cast would be asking for it methinks! x
baking soda helps absorb the moisture and cover the smell.
Could u wrap it in something? I wouldnt dismantle it either xxx
Icg....I gave you my advice yesterday AND the reasons...;-(
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i am a sweaty hard working beast and the idiots at work have put the heating on (nhs hospital - ready for all the germs to fester). plus it's a temporary one which is less breathable than a proper one (so i am told) x
Seriously, stop fiddling! It's only for a few more days, im sure you can cope with that can't you?
Definitely leave it alone, good gracious I was 7 weeks in a fixed ankle to groin cast - not good but coped
Beat ya Mamya, 10 weeks :P
Beaten fair and square and more smelly too LOL
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sorry squad...i know i am quite disobedient (slap - of the other wrist) x

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help! smelly plaster cast!!!

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