Is Volvic flavoured water any good for you?

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LimpyLionel | 20:49 Tue 09th Aug 2011 | Body & Soul
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Obviously it's not as good as pure water, but is Volvic flavoured water still a healthy option for when you're training, jogging, etc?



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I don't know if it helps but they do a sugar free version!
Volvic is only spa water - I think that all bottled water is a racket. I have a plastic bottle which I fill from the tap and use until the bottle falls to bits - you can always add a few drops of squash if you want it flavoured.
Volvic water is extremely good for the profit margins of .............................................

If you want water we have pure water on tap, if you want it flavoured just add fruit juice to taste.
Does it count as one of your five a day?
according to this link the sugar content is quite high so I dont think it would be good for you http://healthyeatinga...sugar-as-3-doughnuts/
it is not good for you nor is it bad.
although it does contain sugars (mostly natural), they are much better for you then energy drinks or fizzy pop.

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Is Volvic flavoured water any good for you?

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