Coming off the pill Loestrin, how did everyones bodies react?

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NatNarcotic | 01:19 Thu 21st Jul 2011 | Body & Soul
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I'm still at a loff of knowing wether this is pregnancy or coming off the pill. I'm not too worried if its jnot pregnancy but would like to know if anyone else has had such big changes after coming off the pill.
I was on Loestrin for 6 months (ish) and came off it on the 23rd of June, I seemed fine for the first few weeks but for the last week or 2 i've had the mjost awful mood swings, literally crying unexpectedly, and getting moody and angry very easily. This is something I've never really experianced, not even really before or during menstruating. I've also had tender breasts, but most annoyingly I've had sever bloating of the area which would usually bloat during menstruation (abdomen), the bloating usually starts a few hours after waking up and doesnt always subside until the next morning when I was up seeminly ok. It's pianful to even try and hold my tummy in and at its worse even hurts to cough.
I've also had awful tiredness and general weakness, my performance at the gym has been appauling.
Lastly over the past 2 days i've had light bleeding, not like a period as it keeps coming and going to the point where it seems nothing is there, the next time i go to the toilet its back!
I'm 4 days before my expected period.
Beyond confused, any help would be great :(


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Just to add, I saw my Family planning clinic nurse yesterday, she said it could be from coming off the pill but I really would appreciate if it has affected any one else to this extent?
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P.s sorry about the awful spelling! Shldn't do these things late at night!

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Coming off the pill Loestrin, how did everyones bodies react?

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