Nausea & Dizziness

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molliemoo | 09:38 Thu 16th Jun 2011 | Body & Soul
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For the past week I have been experiencing nausea and dizziness on and off, feel better if I sit down but not laying down - this seems to make it worse.
A couple of times it has been accompanied with temperature and or cold sweats.
Seems a bit odd to have gone on for so long and wondered if anyone knew what it could be? Bit of a long shot I know...


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Are you on any medication?
Have you any ongoing medical conditions?
Sqad, if you get stuck dont hesitate to consult with me :-)
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Hi Sqad
No medical conditions and only medication is a contraceptive implant I had done a few weeks ago. Could it be that?
RATTER...I really appreciate that....thanks ;-)
deniss....yes it could.........take Ibuprofen 400mgms and monitor the situation for the next week or so. Clearly if any other more sinister symptoms occur..e.g stomach pains, then sse your GP
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Thanks, much appreciated, Website for Nexplanon doesn't list it as a side effect so wasn't sure
I think that this might be blood pressure related. My advise would be to get your blood pressure checked , and in any case increase your water intake.
All good advice... (see your doctor!)

It's important to define what you mean by dizziness. Is it an experience of the room seeming to swirl, even with you eyes closed, or is it more of a feeling of instability, again, even with your eyes closed. A test: While experiencing the sensation you describe, have a friend look at your eyes with your head still. The observer may well describe your eyes as making tiny but noticeable, rythmic "jerking" motions from side to side.

Additionally, are you experiencing sinus pain or stuffiness (or discharge of greenish mucous)?

My own experience as well as sharing anecdotes with others seems to indicate that most "dizziness" originates with the inner ear and the circular canal complex which does, normally, provide for one's stability. When one experiences "dizziness" and finds that closing their eyes alleviates the symptom, what's acutally happening is eliminating a discrepancy between two systems for determining ones "place in space". You've caused the circular canal to disregard any motion sensations that are not accompanied by agreement though eyesight and may result in cessation of the dizziness.

Try this; while standing, lift your chin ( do this only near a chair or something to quickly sit on) as though you are looking at the ceiling at about a 45 degree angle. While doing this, swiftly move your head from side to side and stop with your head in a normal, straight ahead position. Dizziness? Severe or mild? Does it go away or abate with closing of your eyes?
At any rate these will be important indicators to relate to your doctor and will probably result in being diagnosed as having an inner ear infection.

Such infection may or may not have any discharge, pain or other visibile indicators. Often, mild sedative medications are prescribed for a duration as well as antibiotics to eliminate the infection.
Being a life long pilot, many of my colleagues and I have become farily well educated on this subject since the constant change in cabin altitudes (pressurization) can irritate the sinuses which can result in the inner ear problems described above.
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Just instablilty Clanad although when laying on my back it gets worse, bit like drunken room spin then!
Have had Labrynthitis before and that was a total different dizziness - i literally had to hold on to the walls to get around the room and felt as if i was going to fall over
This is far less dramatic this time!!
But will certainly go to GP if it continues
Thanks all
i am very intrigued as to how ibuprofen will help dizziness and nausea!
bednobs....anti-inflammatory properties........with the dizziness and nausea she mentioned pyrexia and cold sweats suggesting an inflammatory process.
I got similar symptoms when i started perimenopause...not sure if that might be a possibility for you, I was in my early 40's...failing that, maybe the implant. I reckon a chat with the doc is a good idea.

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Nausea & Dizziness

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