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bednobs | 12:17 Tue 14th Jun 2011 | Body & Soul
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Hi, thanks all for answering my question the other day about whether to go with a surgeon i don't know for my knee replacement so i can get it done quickly.
I went to the fit for surgery clinic this week and found out that my original surgeon (the one i trusted) is taking a step back form surgery at the moment (he has a new role to do with clinical leaderhip). The new surgeon is a locum who has been working there a few months in order to try and get the list down.
As i would have to have a new surgeon anyway, i may as well go with the one next week, rather than wait.
Also, after we have the post mortem results i suppose there is a remote possibility that I might get pregnant again, (always assuming the PM results don't show something that would prevent us trying again) so it would make sense to be ready (operation wise) this time


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I am sure you have made the right decision and wish you well in getting back to full strength very soon.
Well....that's sorted bednobs. hanks for the update.
I concur. No reason to avoid all other surgeons, good to get it sorted asap.
Good luck!
I hope that all is going to go well for you.

You say that the surgeon is taking a role with 'clinical leader(s)hip - so he isn't doing knees no more? ;-)

Best wishes for the future.

everything crossed for you bednobs - xC
good news, and i applaud your positive attitude.
Glad it's sorted bednobs. And all the very best of luck for the future. Never give up hope xxx
Bednobs, Keep trying, you can do it. Get well soon.

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surgeon resolution

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