how do i put money into key pad meter with no card, just moved in ?

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goldenbolls | 08:25 Sat 11th Jun 2011 | Body & Soul
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just moved into new home, 50 pence left on meter, ive got my credit card but previous landlord has not left me a meter card to buy electric, how could i put credit onto meter, landlords office closed today.


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I've seen people recharging their cards at the post office. Your landlord must surely have an emergency phone number?
Is there an emergency button on the key pad that allows you £5 worth of electricity? Or maybe phone the supplier if they're open on a Saturday.
I dont think you do anything without the card, not even emergency, you need to get hold of your landlord on the emergency number.
The local newsagent near me has a machine which puts money on those cards. You will have to find out where the local machine is. I often see people in the shop putting money on their cards, so it is quite easy, as long as you don't forget to do it before your credit runs out. You need to know where to go. If you have a good credit rating you should be able to get the meter changed to one which gets read and then billed. The card method was designed to take the place of a prepayment meter for people who could not cope with bills.
Star, she doesnt have a meter card, she cant do anything without that.
Sorry, didn't read your post properly. Your landlord should have given you a card. Although I think it is more personal than that, perhaps the previous tenant should have left one. As Sandy said there should be an emergency button somewhere that allows you a small amount. I think your best bet would be to contact the electricity (or gas) company if you are in desperate need, which you probably are as it is the weekend.
If your credit in the meter runs very low, you will hear an alarm, if you then lose supply altogether put the card in and it will usually give you £5.00 credit on the meter, this will then be reclaimed when you put more credit in the meter.
I dont think your energy suppler will be much help to be honest as it will take a couple of days to sort out a new card as they have to be programmed with the relevant meter and address etc, but worth a try.
I hope you have a nice neighbour who will boil a kettle of water for you if you need a cup of tea. Otherwise it looks as if you will have to frequent the nearest MacDonalds or find a fish and chip shop. Hope you manage to resolve your problem.
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meter was bleeping last night, there are 2 small boxes inside cupboard, one white with flip open lid with numbers and readout to see credit and also punch number for credit into, this box says i have 03 days left. then there is another box, same cupbord, grey in colour with number pad on front and readout, this box states (flashing) i have £o.87p credit . surely not 3 days electricity for 87pence ?

thanks for replies, will get onto landlord or lecky office today , will sort something out. ;-)
Ok, I think this type of meter, you need a different card (disposable) that gives you a number to type in, I dont know anything about this type of meter.

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how do i put money into key pad meter with no card, just moved in ?

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