Buckle tablet (Not sure if the spelling is correct).

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bloomwood | 18:16 Sat 28th May 2011 | Body & Soul
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Can anyone explain what a buckle tablet does? Dad is in hospital after heart attack,he complained of chest pain and staff gave him gtn spray which knocked him for six,he felt terrible after it,so they gave a buckle tablet to put in the corner of his mouth and told him it would take about two hours to dissolve,anyway he said this tablet was fantastic,felt he could have lapped the hospital.I was going to ask the staff about it but they were busy so I didn't want to bother them. Thanks.


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Buccal tablet. It`s one that dissolves through the gums. I guess that`s where buccastem gets it`s name from. You could google it (buccal tablets not buccastem)
bloomwood. im sorry to hear about your dad. im a correct in thinking your brother was ill some time ago ?
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Thanks 237SJ I was planning to google it as soon as I got home,but for some reason cant get google up,will keep trying tho,knew I would have spelling wrong. Anne yes you are correct, Mam had HA,last May,brother (43) had HA in january and now Dad. Dad has to go to Jmanes Cook hospital in Middlesborough for treatment,Mam is doing well and brother has just been given a clean bill of health,and is as we spea enjoying a stag do in Magaluf. You couldn't make it up could you?
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both the spray and the buccal (trans mucosal) tablets work very quickly - one getting straight into the bloodstream via the lungs, on vis the mucousal membranes often the buccal tablets will work better because it's very easy to swallow the spray instead of inhaling it
oh you poor thing. i hope dad improves quickly.
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Ah ok thanks for that bednobs,I had never heard of them,strange considering the history of heart trouble in our family,Dad thinks they are new miracle tablet,lol.x
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Thank you Anne,it was nice you remembed,I dont post much on here.
let us know how dad gets on. good luck
Its a pill they place in the buccal cavity (either cheek or under tongue).

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Buckle tablet (Not sure if the spelling is correct).

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