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fliptheswitch | 17:49 Sat 28th May 2011 | Body & Soul
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Im sure a doctor once told me that Ibuprofen can help with heavy bleeding. Would any-one know if this is correct? I have had a little look on the search engine but find different things. Has any-one else heard of this? Also. I usually take Ibuprofen every four hours. I have just read on the the internet that it should be every six hours. I take 2x 200mg.


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If by "heavy bleeding",you mean pain associated with periods then yes, it is a good drug of choice.

I don't know for what reason you are taking the Ibuprofen, but that dose, for a short period of time, say 5 days, should not pose a problem.
i've heard a survey suggested ibuprofen can minimise the risk of parkinsons disease as opposed to other pain relief, a study comparing ibuprofen with others. not heard anything about bleeding though and ive always taken them 4 hourly when needed. if on them long term would def find out proper dosage.
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Thank-you for your answers. Yes I was referring to 'lady issues', though I did not want to go into detail too much. I will continue to take them. Thank-you once again.
going on the pill is a good way to deal with the pain and flow. The contrseptive injection is ment to be good for both too but some people find that it make you bleed longer but with less pain and flow

Heavy bleeding is usually associated with pain. Ibuprofen is effective as a pain reliever but it doesn't reduce the flow. I usually take ibuprofen only if the pain is a bit intense. And only for a day.

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