signs of drug use and / or lieing

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mollykins | 14:34 Mon 18th Apr 2011 | Body & Soul
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I was talking to someone and they definately weren't themselves although they kind of blame it on the story they told me about their situation which honestly is the most unbelievable thing ever and most of it goes beyond what is scientifically possible, so i'm a bit worried about them and I jsut want to try and check if they're been 'doing' any thing a bit funny lately.

Because of this whole situation they weren't themselves at all but i did notice these things, some of which are to do which drugs and some to do with lieing;

~They were believing this story, most of which goes beyond the laws of science and seemed genuinely scared and worried about what would happen and were trying to get me to believe it aswell.

~BUT they did have a bit of evidence that some of it was true but when they went to check their emails, rather 'conveniently' they could only retrieve one of them, and not a load of the earlier ones.

~They got me to do something which was slightly odd but don't worry, nothing dangerous, illegal or embarassing etc etc.

~ They did keep looking to their right, which is a sign of lieing isn't it, or is it if they look to their left?

~ But their pupils weren't dilated, they didn't smell of alcohol or anything 'funny' and they seemed fully aware of what they were doing and could walk properly etc . . .

What do you lot think?


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There are Zombies amongst us molly ! Take cover........
Not enough information to go on, are they in a cult?
Sorry, Molly, you've lost me!
Time for silver foil hats.
Is it too early for alcohol?
Not as long as it's a continuation from last night, craft.
I think the looking to the left / right thing needs to be founded first as it's usually just the opposite to what they'd do when telling the truth. i.e. looking to the right only means they're making it up if they look to the left when remembering an actual event.

for the rest I think we'd need a bit more context to judge!
If they had to pull you aside to talk about something, that would suggest they're stressed about it somewhat which could be what's making them seem weird. Could be lack of sleep or anything!
Have a good swig craft, we all need one after reading that ! ;-)))
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redman, honestly, i'm genuinely worried about them, and they're worried that if they don't complete their 'task' that the world's going to end etc etc and apparantly someone else they he told this all about started to blab about it, and this 'mad' persons 'boss' seriously threatened him. I've just been talking to the guy that started the blab and he seems serious and genuinely scared as well although it's harder to tell online than in the flesh.
Hi Molly, why not share the story, rather than just tell us the surrounding details? It'll help ABer's assess whether your friend is mad or drugged.
Cheers chuck..............gin it is then............
molly. a very difficult post to understand. as only some details are given. if you want an answer maybe best to " start at the begining "
''They did keep looking to their right, which is a sign of lieing isn't it, or is it if they look to their left?''

If they also lifted their right leg and scratched their head with their left hand whilst whistling a tune it is safe to assume they are guilty as hell...
pass the bottle

what happened with the boy molly?
...Oh hello Wall, we meet again
Sounds like a silly 'Chinese whispers' type affair, very rife amongst the youth and can lead to mass hysteria.
It seems to me you're doing a lot of presuming here Molly.
What do you want ABers to say? Is it your business? If they're on drugs what can you do about it? Would they accept advice from you?
I feel this is a no go area for you, don't get involved my love. - Walk Away.

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The story goes beyond many laws of science and seems like a load of balls but i've been sworn to secreacy about the details of the story, but they did seem genuinely stressed/worried/confused/nervous about something which even they said must be hard to believe.
i really like the pseudo-cryptic approach taken in this q.

why not start with, i met the bloke from the other thread face to face, and he started telling me this crazy sounding story about ......

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signs of drug use and / or lieing

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