signs of drug use and / or lieing

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mollykins | 14:34 Mon 18th Apr 2011 | Body & Soul
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I was talking to someone and they definately weren't themselves although they kind of blame it on the story they told me about their situation which honestly is the most unbelievable thing ever and most of it goes beyond what is scientifically possible, so i'm a bit worried about them and I jsut want to try and check if they're been 'doing' any thing a bit funny lately.

Because of this whole situation they weren't themselves at all but i did notice these things, some of which are to do which drugs and some to do with lieing;

~They were believing this story, most of which goes beyond the laws of science and seemed genuinely scared and worried about what would happen and were trying to get me to believe it aswell.

~BUT they did have a bit of evidence that some of it was true but when they went to check their emails, rather 'conveniently' they could only retrieve one of them, and not a load of the earlier ones.

~They got me to do something which was slightly odd but don't worry, nothing dangerous, illegal or embarassing etc etc.

~ They did keep looking to their right, which is a sign of lieing isn't it, or is it if they look to their left?

~ But their pupils weren't dilated, they didn't smell of alcohol or anything 'funny' and they seemed fully aware of what they were doing and could walk properly etc . . .

What do you lot think?


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I bet she doesn't tell you lot to fcuk off ..
Question Author
According to a mutual friend who's known him years, he has a bit of a wild imagination and has done similar but not as drastic things in the past. Plus they're surprised that he's managed to convince this other person whose now frightened.
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Headwreck, i have been crying into my pepsi for hours
OK, have tried following the question which makes no sense, have scanned the thread and people seem to have given good advice that is being totally ignored by a paranoid young girl who seems to be on drugs herself!!!!
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And its not even the "Dog days of a long summer" yet, House Hubbie

We will be all committed to the bin by the end of August at this rate.
Ok, last try then.... if your mutual friend has known him for years, does he/she have any contact details for his parents? (why do I get the feeling you're looking up and to the left whilst you reply?)

Sorry to be such a grumpy but it does get frustrating trying to help someone and no matter how much guidance or advice you give, they always respond with 'yeah but....'

And now, suezy, I shall join you in f*ing off.
Now I'm agog and a quiver.....
if he is managing to open emails he will most likely not be on drugs, email's are tricky little buggers when you are out your tree, sounds like he is a complete fruitcake to me
steg.......things ok with you ? excuse me molly .
Question Author
It makes sense now. with the emails he told me that he can send stuff from his phone to his computer. The email said from: - - , which could be because he sent it to himself rather than the 'boss' hiding it.
yip things are fine anne, thanx x
I admit to not reading the whole thread. Serious mental illnesses can start at about your age - schizophrenia and bipolar disorder - it did for me anyway.

Don't try to work out what is causing it - if he is still at school or college pass it on to a member of staff.

Trying to deal with it will drive you nuts - or more nuts.
Molly you seem to be a fairly sensible character with a lot going for her./ But my advice on this one is to leave well alone .
You do not know what you are dealing with and neither do many of us.
So be as supportive as you can without getting too involved--- am worried for you --- do not be drawn into things, you have no experience of any of this -- so please leave well alone.
Molly, we are all giving you the same advice - speak to adults, don't even try o go it alone. Signed - boxy and china, clinging to the nearest tree.
(mind you, I didn't ask china if she wanted to climb my tree to get away....)
I'm still recovering from that dodgey hip boxy... Any chance of a ladder or possibly escaping to a pub...
LOL china, I'll get the fire engine.

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signs of drug use and / or lieing

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