signs of drug use and / or lieing

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mollykins | 14:34 Mon 18th Apr 2011 | Body & Soul
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I was talking to someone and they definately weren't themselves although they kind of blame it on the story they told me about their situation which honestly is the most unbelievable thing ever and most of it goes beyond what is scientifically possible, so i'm a bit worried about them and I jsut want to try and check if they're been 'doing' any thing a bit funny lately.

Because of this whole situation they weren't themselves at all but i did notice these things, some of which are to do which drugs and some to do with lieing;

~They were believing this story, most of which goes beyond the laws of science and seemed genuinely scared and worried about what would happen and were trying to get me to believe it aswell.

~BUT they did have a bit of evidence that some of it was true but when they went to check their emails, rather 'conveniently' they could only retrieve one of them, and not a load of the earlier ones.

~They got me to do something which was slightly odd but don't worry, nothing dangerous, illegal or embarassing etc etc.

~ They did keep looking to their right, which is a sign of lieing isn't it, or is it if they look to their left?

~ But their pupils weren't dilated, they didn't smell of alcohol or anything 'funny' and they seemed fully aware of what they were doing and could walk properly etc . . .

What do you lot think?


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Damn, i didn't realise how common his last name is round here, i've have to search for the addresses on google to work it out . . .
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don;t get involved just walk away.
molly - Leave it alone. Much as you may wish to insert yourself into the middle of this drama it will only end badly for you.

Can you imagine just how grateful to you your friend will be if his parents suddenly confront him with this ?
He may well turn very nasty with you - you'll have betrayed a confidence (which he has already warned you to keep) and to his *parents*; what teenager wants their parents to know what they've been up to.

Just leave well'll become obvious enough in a short while exactly what is going on.
Yep, tell the parents - it's a win-win because:

1. If he needs medical attention or is in any trouble you'll be helping him and his family

2. If he's being a prat and making up nonsense it's a magnificent way of getting your own back - after all, he did waste your time with nonsense... and the embarrassment of the confrontation may be enough to stop him doing it in the future.
With the best will in the world jth... I think the parents need to know. The behaviour has elements that I see a lot and I think it would be worth the parents knowing. Worse comes to the worst and he's taking the mick out of her, then he's not a very good friend and not worth keeping.
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Thanks, now looking for him in the phone book, good point ED.
I do agree that it would be wise for his parents to know.
I'm just not sure that molly is the 'right' person to tell them.......:o/
I think that this lad will probably already be under the watchful eyes of trained adults throughout his day............?
Molly I'd start off by telling your parents........get the drift?
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I'm not sure there's a wrong person to tell them either jack although I do see what you're saying. Mcmouse has a good idea about Molly telling her parents perhaps and giving them the contact details of the childs parents for them to speak to. I think that would have been something my own mother would have done had I come to her with a similar problem at a similar age.
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I think I found his phone number . . .
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Knowing my luck it'll be him that answers.
Then I think you should speak with your parents so they can speak to his parents.
listen to China ........Molly
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My parents don't even know them, or their parents . . .
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Teacher. Guidance tutor.

I think the parents should be aware. I think jth makes a good point about you not necessarily being the best person.

Take a step back, breath - the situation isn't going to have changed in the next few hours so there's no need to panic, speak to an adult. Your parents do not have to know their parents to have a grown up conversation.
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It might have done china he said he was meeting meeting up with two people, who he'd mentioned are involved as well . . .

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signs of drug use and / or lieing

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