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tiggerblue10 | 19:03 Sat 16th Apr 2011 | Body & Soul
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Has anyone tried this and did it help with inch loss around the body? Although I'm losing weight I would like a bit of help in the inch loss dept as well as my tummy is quite big. I have 2 spare truck tyres!


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I tried a wrap treatment some years back - it worked for a few hours, but as soon as you start drinking fluids again, it comes back. IMO.
Question Author
Thanks Box. I don't want to waste my money if its not going to achieve anything.
They don't make them long enough to get round me.

I am starting yet another diet on Tuesday when my consignment of diet meals arrives from Wiltshire Farms.
Question Author
Which diet is it Wolf?
It's not really a diet. Wiltshire Farm foods are frozen meals - our local council use them for their meals-on-wheels food.

I chose foods that were suitable for a diabetic and a reducing diet and it gave me all the options. The food is good and the veggies are even edible. The fact that they chose the portion sizes and not me is extra good.

I get free delivery every two weeks. Haven't used it for ages though - been either ill or hiding from the world under the duvet.

I am defrosting the freezer as I type.

I am twice your size and have got a lot to lose - but my back kills me and climbing two flights of stairs leaves me gasping for breath.

You should give them a try - nothing to lose.
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Just had a look at the website Wolf. They do low fat, low calorie food as well. Wonder if they deliver round my area.
I thought that you lived at the centre of the universe - London. Stick your post code in and see if they deliver.
Question Author
Don't know about it being the centre of the universe! Lol

The nearest one in relation to my postcode is Dartford, Kent.
I have also ordered three gooey puddings just to keep my blood sugar levels up. ;-)

I think that I will go to bed, after my battle to put the new duvet cover on I will be exhausted.

Good Night to you and little Tiggs and Tigger and Blue.
Question Author
Mmmm gooey puddings, like the sound of them although having just done my mini aerobic session I don't think they would go down to well :o(

I have to have a fight with my duvet tomorrow, and its even worse now that its a kingsize one!!!

Night Wolf and the little furry ones :o)))
A friend of mine once told me about a girl she worked with who, before starting her waitressing shift on New Years Eve would wrap her tummy and thighs in cling film so she looked slimmer for her night out that evening!
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Sounds quite restricting Sophie. When I was younger I used to wear things that were tight around my stomach but they just gave me a stomach pains. I was quite silly back then! Lol
I've always meant to try it but as boxtops says it would probably just all go to pot as soon as you had anything to drink! I just wear hold-your-stomach-in pants anyway!
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Maybe I should just invest in a pair of magic knickers :o)
Mine were a cheaper pair form M&S and they do work pretty well, would imagine the more expensive ones would be better as well. I tested them by standing side on to a mirror so that the reflection of my tummy was close to the frame then tested with and without magic pants, could definitley see the difference!
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Nice one Sophie, well worth it then :o)
Also- the shorts style ones may be best as mine are just normal pants and are a bit too tight around the leg holes lol!
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Apart from M&S where else do they do them?
I think Spanx are the ones that are meant to be the best, probably available online from Figleaves or somewhere like that.
Question Author
Thanks Sophie, I'll google them :o) x

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Universal contour wrap

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