Food poisoning

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mollykins | 17:11 Sat 16th Apr 2011 | Body & Soul
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If you ate one, possibly two things that were dodgey on thursday, would you be showing symptoms by now of food poisoning?


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Bit late now for food poisoning.
While I'm no medical expert, I'd say you would.
You would normally see symptoms within 8 hours of ingesting the dodgy food.
Last time I got food poisoning I ate the food at 9pm and was dying by 6am...........
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I had an incling that it was a maximum of 48 hours which it nearly has been from the second lot now . . .
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48 hours is far too long molly.
Can't stop cus the match is starting............commonly within hours but unusually later if caused by more uncommon organisms.
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Ta. looks like I'll be ok . . .
I ate a dodgy chicken panini at a service station at lunchtime and was starting to feel ill by 5pm. Was throwing up by 6pm. I'd say 4 hours is about right.
As Sqad says, some of the more unusual organisms can cause symptoms of food poisoning days after ingestion. If you've not encountered symptoms by around Tuesday evening, you should be OK.
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Well i'm still alive now although I have got a bit of a sore throat but no food poisoning symptoms . . .
Food poisoning hits you very quickly, particularly if something is off. I ate a very overripe pineapple a couple of years ago, I couldn't eat again for the next two days. It doesn't take 48 hours to keep appearing.
I'm no expert Molly..I read somewhere that certain food poisons can take up to 3 weeks to manifest themselves!
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That'd be from something very unusual and tropical, I only had two lots of chicken . . .
good grief nora, that's a long time!
I know!. wish I could remember the name of the bug ..I can't be a***d googling it! =)
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this is all I could find on Google:

n some cases, food poisoning may take weeks before symptoms start to appear. Hepatitis A, for example, doesn't appear for almost four weeks; it can be found in shellfish, produce and similar raw foods. Giardia lamblia, which appears in raw vegetables, manifests after 7 to 14 days. These origins of food poisoning can be difficult to pinpoint sometimes because of the length of time between eating the food and e

Read more: How Long Does it Take for Food Poisoning to Take Effect? |

The common term "food poisoning" used mainly by the laymen describes a syndrome of eating food and then suddenly having bouts of D&V or of one or the other within perhaps a few hours.

You are correct Giardia Lamblia,Hepatitis and Campylobacter come on insidiously over a period of days or weeks and although infections of the GI tract and uncommon compared with bacterial and viral infections are not usually described by the public or indeed the medical profession as "Food Poisoning"

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Food poisoning

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