My hair is falling out (female)

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Meg888 | 16:40 Mon 11th Apr 2011 | Body & Soul
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Over the last few weeks I've noticed my hair is falling out and becoming very thin. I've never had a thick head of hair, but I'm getting quite worried as it doesn't seem to be showing signs of slowing down. I dont have bald patches, it just seems to be evenly all around. I had a spell like this around 10 yrs ago when I was going through a marital split, but it corrected itself after a month or so.

I'm 40, and I have been recently checked for thyroidism, menopause, diabetes and various other things (not the hair!), and all tests came back healthy. I don't suppose there is any way to stop it, so does anybody have any suggestions? I've spent a fortune on volumising Shamp/Cond - and wash/dry & straighten every day. I have it half highlighted once a year, so I don't do anything extreme to damage it. Thanks in advance


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My hair is the same Meg, I wonder if it is hormonal ?
Sounds stress related if it occurred before during a stressful period.
Could try to relax, try some of those relaxation/meditation tapes to unwind.
And could always ask your GP if the tests you've had so far show nothing.
Hair growth goes in cycles and your hair could be reflecting something from a previous time. Were you stressed or upset 3 or 4 months ago? If the cycle was disrupted there could have been a period of time where there was no new growth so when the old hair falls out there is nothing to replace it.
My hair`s getting thin (or at least I think it is, even though my hairdresser disputes it) and I had iron level tests and B vitamin tests but they came back normal. The other cause is a drop in estrogen levels which makes the testosterone produce DHT which causes hair loss. It`s a really difficult thing to treat. My hair is dark and I use John Freida Brilliant Brunette volumising shampoo and it seems to thicken it up. Maybe their blond shampoo has a volumising verstion.
Hi Meg..I'm a hairdresser.. (Mrs Crisper).. Firstly, try not to worry...If you don't have any bald patches, thats good!..People tend to forget, that for new hair to grow, the old hair needs to fall out, and it falls out from the roots, not the ends.. I personally don't think hair thickening products work that well.. but they certainly won't hurt your hair..if you've found one you like!..Just be careful when you straighten your hair.. If as you say your hairs fine... straightening could be damaging it, making the ends finer..and may be causing a little breakeage!.. which could make it feel and look a littel thiner!..Hope that helps.. good luck x
Do you really need to wash, dry and straighten your hair daily? 3-4 times a week would be more than enough for washing. If you have to straighten every day then that is fair enough (I have very coarse wavy hair myself so know how it is). Washing and blow drying so often really is not good for your hair or scalp.
I think the amount you need to wash your hair alters to match the amount you choose to do so. When I was a kid I don't think mine was washed that many times a week. When I got older and started to do so daily I found miss a day and my scalp let me know.
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Thanks all for your replies. It has been a fairly stressful year from the start if I'm honest, and it's likely to go on for a while (family illness). Although my Doc insists I am NOT menopausal, I have night sweats & when I wake in the morn I look like the wild man of Borneo, so it has to be washed daily! My hair is dull & lifeless if I have not spruced it up with dryer. Prior to the sweats, I did used to wash it only 3/4 times a week & condition it every day
Sounds like it`s the stress then and the cycles have been interrupted. The night sweats could be caused by the stress. It`ll probably settle down when the stress is gone.
Stop using straighteners - over use can cause splitting & snapping. Deep condition by leaving condioner on overnight, weekly. How is your hair tinted ?

This is also 'moulting' season and there will be some hair loss but not excessive.
I have read somewhere that taking a kelp supplement can help with hair loss.
Kelp is good but hair grows all over :)
I had this a couple of months ago, it is called acute telogen effluviam (google it there areloads of good websites) and it lasted for about 6 weeks. My hair was falling out as I had the flu but it can also be caused by stress, but mine has now stopped.
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Thanks to you all for taking the time to reply

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My hair is falling out (female)

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