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queenio | 19:10 Thu 07th Apr 2011 | Body & Soul
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I have atrial fibulation, and have had drugs, ( ended up in intensive care) 2 bouts of electrical treatment, and 2 ablations (the last one not very pleasant). Nothing appears to have worked, andI have been in hospital ten times since June 2010. Is there ombudsman I can approach as regards having a 'proper' operation?


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Are you under a consultant, queenio? You need to go back if so. Is there an operation for atrial fibrillation? - I'm not aware of one if you've already had ablations. There certainly is an NHS Ombudsman, but you have to go through the Complaints process first - either make a formal complain to your GP or to the Hospital where you were treated, that has to be fully investigated - only then if your complaint is not resolved, does it get referred to the Ombudsman. http://www.ombudsman....t-complained-directly
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Thank you very much for that information. I have heard of PALS, and will get in touch with them if nothing is resolved soon.
is there an operation you can have for AF?
Are you jsut not being offered it because it wouldn't be right for you, or do you think there is some ulterior motive in not getting the treatment you need?
do you dee a consultant? Have you discussed it with her?
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Yes, I have spoken to the consultant re operations (there are two) for atrial fibulation, and shown different doctors the write-up I have found, but they will not commit or make any comment. Perhaps it would prove too expensive a s both operations have been in a London hospital.
I'd contact PALS as you mentioned - it has been a difficult time for the NHS recently, they had to make massive savings before 31 March - but we are in a new financial year now, if it did come down to cost it might be different now. Worth asking!
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Many thanks for your info. I will approach them again (I am 'surviving' on the odd tablet) If no joy will make an appointment with PALS.
so, are you saying the ops aren't "standard" treatment? that they are not routine and only carried out under certain circumstances?
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The ops. do not appear to be standard or routine and are a pioneering treatment, but unfortunately, as I have had every other treatment I was/am hoping to be a candidate for this only alternative.
then i think that's what your problem is queenio

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