Feeling of being disorientated

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queries | 08:58 Tue 05th Apr 2011 | Body & Soul
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I've had a horrid past few months and the last few days have been very stressful - with the result I now feel quite disorientated and everything feels strange - any one have a good way of getting back to normal? :)


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I know just how you feel queries, I feel as though I'm losing the plot when times get tough & I wish I had a perfect solution. You've already put it down it stress & I think it's your body's way of saying it's had enough & needs a break.... not always easy I know when there's a long term problem to deal with.
Be kind to yourself, don't let anyone put any demands on you that can wait or someone else can deal with. Chat to light hearted friends. Eat well, little and often is usually best as it keeps your blood on an even keel, get as much sleep as possible, but not too much, that's just as bad, and try and get out in the fresh air. Even though I can't dig for victory any more just pottering about in my garen is a saviour sometimes :o)
Hope you feel better soon there are a lot of us who understand :o)
Wise words from Robinia.

The fresh air and exercise thing really does work too. I force myself to take the dog out walking and it makes me feel so much better. And the garden is my saviour too.

I can't improve of what Robinia has said.
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Thank you everyone - hopefully this will all pass and I will get back to normal - :)
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When you feel like that don't sit in front of a screen for long (TV or computer) as it makes you feel even worse. I think that the being outside helps mostly because you are looking at things further away. When I'm like that it's like being travel sick so I avoid the car too. Thankfully, it does pass.
I'm singing from the same hymn book as you, queries,at the moment. I sympathise completely. xx
do you have a sympathetic GP ? sometimes they can prescribe something-not too strong- to get you over this period, its easy to say dont do anything stressful but not always so easy to put into practice. Treat yourself to something nice just to cheer yourself up a bit, be it a bottle of perfume, a visit to the hairdresser, the theatre, a day trip soomewhere, something if you can, to give you a lift.
Sorry I am presuming you are a female, if this is not so my sincere apologies just adapt the list to suit.
Hope you are soon back to your old self.
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Unfortunately I suffer from Summer Sad - which is like ordinary SAD but the symptoms happen in the summer - so I hate this current weather, it just makes me feel worse, so I try to stay indoors as much as possible. I also sit in front of a computer for about 8 hours a day! Also, I;m already on anti-depressants, but am finding the Bach Remedies pretty good as a top up.

Thank you to you all though - its so reassuring to know I'm not alone and I know this will pass as I've been here before and come though it! Roll on winter! And yes, I know many will think I'm mad not like summer but its worth googling the subject!
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Feeling of being disorientated

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