Bowen technique

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Mallaig | 14:31 Sun 20th Mar 2005 | Body & Soul
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I am considering trying the Bowman Technique for back pain. Has anyone tried it, positive or otherwise? 


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I have had something similar done... for me it was very gentle and pretty much the best thing for me. good luck

not me personally but a friend has and she was so happy with it she's learning how to do it herself!

I have a friend who is a Bowen Therapist. All of her clients seem very satisified. (She is almost full time now and gets many new clients thru word of mouth). Although a holistic therapy I believe it is linked very strongly to anantomy and its practitioners have to have a very sound knowledge in the subject, knowing the location of all muscle tissue, lymph nodes, and other soft tissue and how to manipulate them to positive effect.

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Bowen technique

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