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mazzywoo | 16:48 Sun 27th Mar 2011 | Body & Soul
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Hello all.
I am wondering if anyone else suffers from 'terminal insomnia' which means I wake at 3.30ish and can't get back to sleep. It's been happening for a week now. I foolishly looked it up online and it can mean depression. It has really scared me now as I have had clinical depression in the past. BUT somehow, this doesn't feel the same-ie. I am not waking in a sweaty panic, I am merely wide awake. I usually just get up and do a crossword or something.
Can there be other reasons for this happening? I am petrified of ending up back in hospital with anxiety and depression because it says on some websites that 'terminal insomnia can cause depression'.
Are there any ways I can counteract this problem? Has anyone tried melatonin, for instance? I would be grateful for any ideas!
Best wishes from a baggy-eyed Mazza x


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Snap - you are lucky to get to 3:30am... mine is stress, depressed as well I guess, relationship, redundancy, money worries... I wonder how I make it through each day without sleep - I know I look shattered though. I am, going to try and get on my Wii Fit, get some exercise, warm bath, try to relax and not think of anything. I was told (rightly or wrongly) to still go to bed at the usual time and not start staying up until the small hours in the hope that I just drop off, as that is not healthy. I am hoping sweet dreams come soon!
all the basic remedies are - go to bed at the same time each evening, no caffeine or alcohol in the evening, exercise, warm bath, read a book, clean sheets, otherwise see your doc
Best cure is a Good night's sleep.
my hubby suffers with insomnia and has done for years, he wakes at 5.00am no matter how late he goes to sleep & then feels as though he could go to sleep when it's time to get up! he's tried all sorts of thing from herbal tablets, to a hot bath, to a milky drink but nothing works.

let me know if you find something

Anna x
Question Author
Thanks for your answers guys. Maybe the clocks going forward will help-the clock will at least say 4.30 instead of 3.30!
Will let you know if anything helps
Thanks again x
Hi mazza as a long-term insomniac I know how you feel. I've tried melatonin but it didn't work.
Has something happened to cause you not to sleep? Try not to worry about it being a possible sign of depression (easier said than done, I know). My best advice is to try and keep busy during the day and get plenty of fresh air. As homedeeth says, exercise is good. Maybe worth your while trying Nytol which you can buy at the chemists. I wish you well :o)
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