cicatrin powder

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Connemmara | 10:18 Fri 11th Mar 2011 | Health & Fitness
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My mother used to use this for open wounds and it was a wonder powder - now you cant get it. I have an open wound on my forearm (burn) for 4 weeks and cannot get it healed. Now I believe you can get this cicatrin online - anybody know any sites. and why was it banned. thanks


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Cicatrin is an excellent antibacterial powder which is still available in Spain.

I had no idea that it was banned in the UK or for what reasons.

I do not know any on-line sites, but will check later.
Gosh, I remember the vet using that on my cat when it had been shot (in 1972) and it healed amazingly! Can one buy it over the counter Sqad and what's it called in Spanish?

Good morning! idea.....cicatrina?
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thanks sqad for that - but cannot get purchasing anything. however if is just a few dollars and the postage is extortionate that would put me off a bit.
Will go and "SHOUT - AT - THE - FARMACIST" in English and find out!
Cicatrin Powder contains mainly Neomycin Sulphate & Bacitracin zinc.
There are lot of other substitute brands. You may ask the pharmacy for a powder containing Neomycin Sulphate & Bacitracin zinc. It is also an OTC item.

Apparently in the UK, neomycin and meds containing it are not an OTC item. The thing is that indiscriminate use of antibiotics has contributed to the resistance problem so they have been discontinued.
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what does OTC mean
sorry, over the counter, sold without a prescription.
over the counter
I had a burn like that last summer. I finally tried Savlon Antiseptic Wound Wash.......the wound healed dramatically in the first 24-36 hours....and then continued to heal quite well.
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Just letting you know I bought a form of cicatrin called CX that is the nearest. Hopefully that will work. Thanks for all your answers guys. Bye for now

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